Thanks for following me here…

Drinks are on me.

If you didn’t follow me here, you’re probably confused. But if you did… Thanks so much!  For those who don’t know. I had another blog. But I also have a deep dark in my past who is somewhat savvy on teh interwebs and in and effort to keep them from finding me, I changed my online name, email, and other stuff. Soon, my old online presence will fade away as if it never existed. A ghost of its former self.

But I’m still here, because I refuse to die. 🙂 I simply change with the times.

I’m going to try and follow as many as I can before I take my old site down tomorrow, but if I don’t catch you before I take it down, I hope you can find me here.

Here’s to old friends and new times. 🙂


By the by, sorry if this page keeps refreshing, I’m reacquainting myself with the WordPress menu. It’s been a while since I’ve had to customize anything. Ha!

What say you?

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