Sharing my world 5/29/17

What is the most famous landmark or building you have ever seen? Well, I don’t know if it’s famous or not, but way back when I was about  21-ish, I got lost in the back roads of Florida while driving from point A to point B and I happened upon Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth. That’s right, the fabled well where it’s said that if one drinks from the fountain, they will be granted eternal youth. Being a fan of history, fairy tales, and other such things, I thought I’d pull over and stop. It wasn’t much to look at, and there weren’t many people there, and back then one didn’t have to buy tickets (I know this because I couldn’t afford them). But it was hot, and the place was cool and I thought, “What the hell?”  So I did. I took a drink from the fountain of youth. Is it the real Fountain of Youth? I dunno. It was a nice distraction.

space needle

My husband took this picture

I’ve been a lot of places. Seen a lot of things. I don’t tend to take pictures.  But who’s to say that one building is “more famous” than the next? Some people have never heard of the Fountain of Youth. Like, ever… until I mention I’ve been there. So maybe it has no fame at all. And some people have never heard of the Space Needle either though it’s pretty well known in these parts.  Fun fact, I’ve lived here for over two years, and spent almost a year in Seattle. I’ve even lived here before and worked in Seattle, but have never been to the Space Needle.   I mean… yeah, I know it’s there, and yeah, it’s… there… but I have no reason to go there. Other than it’s… there and I can say I’ve been there.  I have been to Pike Place Market, another of Seattle’s tourist traps, because the merchants inside actually sell stuff that I want (sometimes) and it’s a good way to kill time while waiting for the ferries. And again, people far and wide have never heard of Pike Place Market. I hadn’t before moving here.

next-vacation-760x760Do you like long vacation or lots of mini-vacations?  The beginning of an older country song comes to mind: I need a job/ I need a vacation/ I need some money I’ve got bills to pay…  In other words, one needs a job before one can have a vacation from said job.  When I did work, I was a member of a class they call “the working poor”. The working poor doesn’t vacation. We don’t get paid days off. We work. We work all year around, and our days off are the two days that the government forces our employers to give us off a week. And those aren’t paid.  And we generally work those days too because most of the working poor have at least two jobs. Christmas? I sometimes worked Christmas. Thanksgiving too. And Easter. Today’s Memorial Day here in the United States, the “first day of summer”.  People are celebrating with a day off from work (though it’s meant to have a more somber meaning, but that’s for another post).  However, you can bet that were I working, I would be working. Because I did… every year, and (ironically) I also worked on Labor Day too. Who do y’all think has to man the stores, restaurants, and the phones for all of those sales that happen on the days everyone else has off? (Tip your wait staff, guys! And be nice to the cashiers and other servers! They’re working hard while you have the day off!). Anyway, vacations are for the rich. I never planned for vacations.  I think I’ve had a total of three traditional vacations in my entire adult life, and I could only take one of them because I was on sick leave after major surgery.  Generally though, whenever I needed a “vacation”, I called in sick.  But that’s all in the past. Now I’m on an imposed, everlasting, vacation because I cannot work. Oh, how times have changed.

doug and dino

We like roadside attractions too.

What is your favorite natural or state park? You know, for the longest time, it was my goal to see two things, the Grand Canyon in Arizona and the Redwood Forest up in Northern California.  I thought it would be wonderful if I could see them, that I would be awed and amazed.  And I was. The Grand Canyon is a sight to behold, and I would recommend it to anyone.  The Redwoods are also a wondrous sight and I would also tell anyone who asks that they should go there and see the trees for themselves. But even after having seen the glory that is the Grand Canyon and the amazing beauty that is the Redwood National Forest, I still don’t have a favorite national or state park. I’ve been to many MANY of them too. They’re all beautiful, and I like them all — equally.


About 100 people on this ship. Imagine…

What is your fantasy vacation?  I wouldn’t mind taking a cruise up to Alaska to see the glaciers. If  ton of money fell down from the sky and I could go all out and make it my fantasy cruise, it would only be my friends and family on the ship and no one else (aside from staff of course). No having to deal with strangers and their weirdness. Nope. Just me and the weirdos I already know.  Best food, best shows, best spa services, all the bells and whistles. The full cruise treatment with me, my family, and my friends. That would be nice.

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8 thoughts on “Sharing my world 5/29/17

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I just started mentally walking through the famous places and buildings I’ve seen and realized there are a lot of them. Which is more famous than the others? I don’t know. Is the White Tower in London more famous than the Empire State Building? Is the Western Wall of the Temple in Jerusalem more famous than the White House or the Capitol Building?

    Now … the Fountain of Youth — THAT is super special. Are you aging very slowly????

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I. Greenwald

    I would love to say that my fingers have touched the water of the Fountain of Youth. I would take a big drink too. Maybe someday. I have touched the water of Medicine Spring near Ponce De Leon Missouri, does that count?
    DO Take a ride to the top of the
    space Needle. The ride is awesome and the View from the top is SPECTACULAR!! Going up once was not enough.



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