An experiment, if you will

So one of the questions in one of the quizzes that I’ve asked/answered over the past year or so had this question in it:

If you had to live for a month off of what was in your fridge, would you make it?

My answer was something along the lines of: Not a chance. I don’t have a lot in my fridge to begin with and with my health being what it’s been the last year, there’s even less. But I might could make it on what’s in my pantry.

poison expires

I wonder the same about sour cream…

Then I looked in my pantry the other day. Like, really looked.

I’ve got a lot of stuff in there, yeah… but a whole bunch of it is either expired or nearing its expiration date. So, here’s my experiment (because I have time on my hands and for no other reason).  I’m gonna see if I can live off of what’s in my kitchen (fridge and pantry) for a month.  That means that I’m not gonna buy anything or have my husband buy me anything for a month. It’s just me and whatever’s in my pantry and fridge. I tossed a bunch of stuff today because it was kinda funky, and the eggs were def not good anymore.  And, like some of that stuff we brought over from our last apartment — two years ago!  I’m gonna have to tell the hubs he can’t hoard his green chili like gold (he’s from New Mexico… it’s a thing). He’ll need to eat it eventually.  It won’t keep forever. But anyway, I thought it would be interesting to see if I could live on what’s in my pantry and only what’s in my pantry (and my fridge). Like, starting today, June 2, and ending June 30. That’s five Fridays counting today.

vegetable-crisperThere’s nothing to be gained or lost here really, it’s more of a thought experiment. If I can, then I’ll know that I had at least a month’s worth of food in my pantry. If I can’t, then I’ll know that I need to be more diligent in stocking up for emergencies. I mean, one should always have at least two weeks worth of food for emergencies.  And you’re really supposed to go through that stock so it doesn’t expire. I mean, what’s the good of having a stock of food if it’s all stale and/or rancid? Which is also why I want to do this little experiment of mine, because I really do need to go through the pantry and clean out the expired and almost expired food. I mean, I might as well eat the food that’s just on the cusp, right? Instead of throwing it out, or cooking it in a last ditch effort to “save” it. Yeah… not. Having so much food that’s going bad is a new thing for me. Whenever I had kids, we really didn’t have food stay around long enough to turn (except veggies in the fridge, no one ate those).

Anyway, I dunno why I’m sharing this with y’all. It just seems like something worth sharing. Don’t worry, I won’t bore y’all with the day to day details… but I have a feeling that this experiment should be interesting.

6 thoughts on “An experiment, if you will

  1. JodiLea

    I’m rooting for you! In January we were snowed in for 4 days (without electricity – just to make it more fun)

    I thought I had stocked up the pantry for winter but mostly it was food we didn’t really like! We probably could have lasted another week, but not happily…
    I wish you good luck with your experiment 😘

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    1. Patience Post author

      That’s one of the things people tend to do is stock up on food that will last but food they don’t like. I *try* not to do that, but I’m not always successful (I’m looking at you, canned green beans). Thanks for the well wishes. I’ll probably need them in a few weeks. ^_^

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  2. Embeecee

    Cool. My pantry is full of stuff that is past it’s sell by and is stale or rancid. Maybe it’s time to clean that shit out of there and put some new stuff in, that will go stale or rancid…hmmm. Maybe I’ll just save the money and leave it as it. And I love canned green beans…much better than fresh or frozen IMHO…So if you don’t want YOURS… 😉

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    1. Patience Post author

      I like frozen green beans myself… but they only stay fresh(ish) if there’s electricity which defeats the point of having them in a stash, right? I’ll eat them with some noodles and it’ll be okay. 🙂

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