There’s good and bad

In all of us. Seriously…

I’m about to ramble here, just so’s you know… You were warned.

I’m gonna tell y’all why I think many Social Justice Warriors are just as bad as the people they say they are against.

sjw knightI have a relative — an uncle.  He’s an okay guy, not a very nice person, but he keeps to himself mostly. A curmudgeon actually.  He doesn’t do people well. However he loves his family like nothing else. And when push came to shove with my psycho ex, it was my uncle who opened his door to me. He actually helped me out a lot in my life with no expectations of anything in return. He did what he did because he felt it was his duty as a Christian and a good uncle to do so.  He’s a highly intelligent man with all kinds of books smarts — he can do long division in his head and math problems that would make me fall down and faint. He has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and two Master’s degrees — one in Mathematics and the other in Engineering. What I’m saying is, he’s not stupid (well, not book stupid…).

He’s also a racist and a misogynist.  He honestly believes to the very core of his being that men are smarter — as in more intelligent — than women. It goes right down to the very foundation of his inner fiber that women are more emotional and therefore untrustworthy and unreliable.  He also believes with all of his heart that white people are the superior race.  This man, with three degrees mind you, thinks the color of one’s skin and the gender of one’s birth determines the veracity of one’s character.  And he will go on about it… at length, to anyone in the family who will listen. He also thinks that Christianity is the one true faith and if one is not a Christian, well you’re doomed to hell my friend, and there’s no saving you. But he’s not a bad person. Which is my point. My uncle doesn’t hurt anyone with his grumpy ways. He rants and raves to his nieces (he has a few of us) and putters about his house reading book after book and watches music videos because that’s what he enjoys. But he’s not hurting anything because other than ranting to his family, and believe me, we rant back… he keeps his viewpoints to himself.  And it doesn’t matter what anyone says, he is firm in his beliefs.

sofuckingwhatBut my uncle, to his core, is a good man.  Or at least he tries to be.  He doesn’t want to hurt anyone. There’s no malice in his character at all. And despite his belief that women are the weaker sex, he helped me in my time of need. As a matter of fact, he’s the only one that did. And, despite his misogynistic views, he encouraged me to get a college education (it was his prompting that led me to enroll).  Without his help, I wouldn’t have gone to college in the first place, or finished.  I’ve never seen him be mean to anyone of any color, religion, or gender.  He is a closet bigot because if it ever got out that he held these beliefs in his heart, he would lose his job, and his life would be ruined. All because people believe that racist = bad. He can’t stop being racist any more than someone can stop being gay. It’s just the way he is. It’s a part of his core being. I don’t even know how he came by his beliefs, as no one else in our family holds them. So far as I know, his mother wasn’t racist, and I know my dad (his brother) isn’t.  My grandfather died before I knew him, but unless he was also a closet bigot, there’s no sign of him being one (pictures and such). But there it is.

VictimizesSJWAnd it’s not just my uncle… I had a friend a long time ago, we’ll call her June.  We shared a house, partied together, cried on each other’s shoulders, and had each other’s back for over a decade. We were like sisters.  As an aside, her real sisters didn’t like me much… they thought I was a “bad influence” on June. Ha! I didn’t do nuthing to make June the way she was. I found her like that. Anyway, June opened her house to anyone in need — anyone who could pay her $40 a month for rent that is, because “Don’t no one get a free ride ’round here.”  Yeah, she was a bit of a mercenary. But she was also fun, and fun to be around.  She loved her dog, Montana, like nothing else and would protect that dog to the death if need be. I sat with June at her mamma’s deathbed, and it was an experience, but that’s what friends do I suppose. I only bring it up to show how close we were. You don’t sit at at just anyone else’s deathwatch you know… And June loved her mom, and she even loved her sisters despite their fights.  I can’t say much else about her… June was June. And she was a good person.

thought_policeShe was also a racist. She told racist jokes and knew they were racist. And she took great delight in their telling. The word nigger dropped from her lips like rain whenever she knew there were no people of color around. Not because she thought saying it was wrong, but because she knew that if she said it around anyone who would be offended by the word, she would get in trouble and she wasn’t a fighter.  She surrounded herself with — mostly — like minded people (except me and a few others) so that whenever she and her friends got together, they passed around stupid, racist jokes like candy (they also lit their farts on fire, so there’s that). I, myself, did not participate in their bigoted love fests.  I didn’t laugh at their jokes, and she knew how I felt about them — that I didn’t like them, that I thought they were stupid, sad, and wrong.  I’d remove myself from her group whenever they started because honestly, I don’t like them (and lighting farts on fire is just… dumb.)  Did my letting her know that I, her best friend, didn’t like her jokes change her behavior?  Only a little — she tempered them a bit to where she wasn’t telling them as often — until she got drunk, then it was “let the good times roll!” But she only changed her behavior to suit our friendship. It didn’t matter what I said or did, she still believed, to the core of her being that people of any other color than white were inferior, and therefore open to mocking.

But she didn’t hurt anyone.  She didn’t call anyone a nigger to their face. She didn’t go out of her way to violate anyone’s rights nor was she aggressive towards anyone of color. She and… most… of her friends were casual racists.  They told stupid jokes in the privacy of their home whenever they got drunk.  She, like my uncle, was (and probably still is) a closet racist. She was never mean or cruel to anyone.  The June I knew, the June who was my best friend for over a decade was a nice person.  She was also a racist.

outrage junkiesBut in today’s society, one cannot be both.  Someone cannot be a nice person and a racist. There are people who think someone cannot be gay and a religious person, so chew on that.  One cannot have a job, live their life and hold racist thoughts. Racist people need to be punished, held accountable for their involuntary thoughts and made to see that they are wrong. They need to be brought out into the light and made examples of. I’ve seen it over and over again just watching from the internet. Someone makes a stupid comment that someone else takes offence to, they appeal to the SJWs of the internet, and the first person loses everything. Nothing they did before that comment matters, what matters is that they are offensive and must be punished.

If only SJW’s knew what it was like to put on a public face because that’s what society wants to see, but underneath, in the core of your being, you know society is wrong. They’re just wrong. But you have to hide what you know to be right because if you let it show, if you let society see what you know to be right, they will hunt you down and hang you from a tree. Or everyone would distance themselves from you, you’d be ostracized, shunned. I mean, how can someone be friends with a racist? If only they knew what that felt like.

What happens when you’re offended:




Let me be clear… I don’t condone racists, misogynists, misandrists, or misanthropes in general… I’m not defending their ideals or their thoughts. Me? I don’t give a rat’s ass what the color of someone’s skin is, what they wear or don’t wear on their head (for whatever reason), who they pray or don’t pray to, or what their ideals are. I judge each and every person individually and by how they treat me and the people around me. I, as you may have noticed, think a person can be a good person who has wrong beliefs.  I’m not a religious person, but I have friends who are (in many religions).  I’m not a radical person, but yeah, I have incredibly radical friends. I even have friends and family who fall under the SJW umbrella. We disagree… a lot… but we’re still friends. Because I think that people can be good people and still be wrong. And I also don’t think anyone needs to have their lives ruined because they don’t conform with today’s society.  It shouldn’t have happened in the past, and it shouldn’t happen now. Most people are ordinary folk like you, dear reader, and myself. All they want is what everyone wants… to live their lives with their beliefs… in peace. And so long as they’re not hurting anyone else, I think that’s not too much to ask.

12 thoughts on “There’s good and bad

  1. Embeecee

    This stirred up all kinds of thoughts, which I could hijack your comment section with, but I think instead I’ll write a blog post of my own and give you credit. Suffice it to say we agree.

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  3. Marilyn Armstrong

    I agree with you that the Social Justice Warriors can be just as ugly as the people the purportedly oppose. BUT.

    Racism is NOT like being gay. It isn’t like being Muslim or Jewish. It isn’t a belief. He may very well BE a good man — to you. It is often people of an older generation who are our problem. We love them, but they are who they are — but it doesn’t mean that their racism is not important. Racism IS bad. Bad for individuals. Bad for society. Bad for government. Hate IS bad for everyone in every way.

    These are the people who voted in the current government. Because they thought it was about time white people were in charge. It will suddenly matter a lot more when millions of people lose their medical care and anyone with long term physical issues can’t get any. It’s going to cost people more than anyone has yet imagined. Just a little thing? You may want to rethink that. Because he was kind to you, doesn’t make racism okay. It just means YOU love him.


  4. purpleslobinrecovery

    ” he can do long division in his head and math problems that would make me fall down and faint.” We are blood sister in the math department, it seems!
    What is “misandrists”? I don’t know that word.
    “So what if you’re offended? Grow up!” I love that!!
    Being offended in today’s society has become an injury, as if you stabbed or something. GROW UP!!
    Thanks for this post!!

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Willow Post author

          I hadn’t heard of it either until about five years ago when I read it in a book. Spell check kept telling me it wasn’t a word. Ha! But it is, and they’re wrong. ^_^

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