Sixteen days

When-Food-Goes-Bad-by-Bearman-CartoonsThat’s how long my little experiment lasted before I ran out of food. 🙂 Oh, I had food left, kind of… but it got tossed because most of it was about… oh… two years old.  Some of it was (and I’m kind of ashamed to admit this) well over three years old. Like, did we bring this stuff up from New Mexico or something? I dunno. I’m not one to hang on to stuff, I’m not sure how we got such old food in our pantry.  I didn’t realize I’d been that sick this past year. So sick I couldn’t even clean out my shelves, which used to be a monthly thing in my house. Now, if this were a post apocalyptic society and my life depended on me eating two year old canned green beans, I’d risk it. but my life doesn’t depend on it. So I tossed most of the food in my pantry that was past its expiration date, and after that, well, there wasn’t anything left I could eat. That’s not a mistake I’m going to make going forward. From now on, my food storage will be filled with food I like to eat. No more canned veggies. Nope. That’s just pissing money away.

spicy or spoiledSpeaking of which, this little experiment also brought home how little I can eat without paying the price.  I had some turkey (turkey breast, turkey thighs…) in the freezer and thought I’d make it, so I cooked it up.  I mean, it’s just turkey… so I braised it in a pan for a few hours with some spices — not a lot… because there aren’t a lot of spices I can use with my delicate disposition.  It came out like pulled pork but with turkey. Just how I like it. It tasted delicious too. Soooo good. So and I ate the turkey with some bread, and I was in pain for days.  Days. From turkey.  I’m guessing that it had to be the turkey, or one of the spices I used on the turkey… It was the only new thing I’d eaten. Now I have all of this turkey in the fridge that I can’t eat. I guess the dogs will like it. >_< Maybe. *sigh*  It’s probably going to end up in the trash too. I really hate wasting food, but really what can one do? You can’t give expired food to the food bank.

rhrn26lAnyway, turkey notwithstanding, at least I now know the answer to the question, if I had to live on the food in my pantry/fridge for a month, would I make it?  The answer being… nope.  Well, I think if I had to… like if there was no other food available anywhere and I knew there was none coming in, I’d risk the two year old canned green beans. Maybe.  I mean, I’d at least open them and see if they’re any good before throwing them out. And of course there’s still frozen stuff up in the freezer, but I’m gonna end up tossing a lot of it too because I’m fairly sure that even frozen stuff has its limits. The turkey I made we bought a few months ago. But we have fish in there that was left by our last tenant.  I’m not eating that. She left over a year ago. And who knows how old that stuff was before it hit the store shelves? I know most of the veggies have frost burn. I’ve tried to break the big chunks of ice apart and yeah… it’s not happening.  I mean, if my life depended on it and there was nothing else to eat and no other food coming in, I’d be way more judicious about what gets eaten and tossed… but as an experiment where my life doesn’t depend on it? Nah.  I made it 16 days. Not bad I guess, and I cleaned out my kitchen food storage spaces in the process.

pantry clean out

I miss my minions… er… little helpers. ^_^

11 thoughts on “Sixteen days

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I did the same thing about a year ago. All the stuff in the front of the cupboards are edible. Almost everything in the back was so old I could remember when we bought it … or for that matter, how we got it. There’s a ton of stuff that was never going to get eaten and I’m not sure why it was there in the first place. Strange what accumulates.

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    1. Patience Post author

      Thanks! I was hoping to go at least another week, but I had to admit defeat when I honestly just couldn’t find one more thing to eat that wasn’t plain pasta… and even the pasta is at least a year old. I’m not sure I want to risk it. >_<

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  2. Embeecee

    I suspect it was the turkey. Even frozen, turkey does not keep well, IMHO. Reason I say that is I’ve had sketchy results with frozen turkey (cooked or uncooked).
    Reminds me I have a whole turkey from NOVEMBER… > sigh< It's been frozen all this time and now it's too damned hot to really roast the thing, but like you, I hate food waste.

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    1. Patience Post author

      That’s when the turkey breast was from… November. The thighs were from about three months ago. I think you’re right though that it probably just didn’t keep as well as I thought even though it looked, smelled and tasted fine.

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  3. purpleslobinrecovery

    Oh P, I’m so sorry to hear this! I know how food can destroy the best of days.
    But hey! you got your pantry cleaned out!! Yay!
    We will just skip over the fact that you almost gave up your life for those clean shelves…
    Don’t do that again!! I need you to talk to!!

    Liked by 1 person

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