Fireworks… ugh!


Not a fan of fireworks

So, it’s not even noon here in our little town, and I’ve been hearing fireworks for the last few hours.  Not the itty bitty firecrackers that one buys from the store… no… big, booming fireworks that fill the air with sound and vibrations. The kind that sends the pets into full blown panic attacks. My Chihuahua is trying to dig a hole into the floor under my couch as we speak. Okay, now he’s up on the couch (picture). And he’s back under the couch. He’s kind of in a state right now. The whole couch is shaking, he’s in such a tither. My cattle dog mix is just wandering around, panting… She’s pretty much in the same state. The middle dog (also pictured) is just sitting here not panicking, but not happy about the whole thing either. I don’t even know where the cat is… I dunno why anyone would be shooting off fireworks in the middle of the day, but they have been, for over two hours. It doesn’t help that my neighbor is doing some kind of construction and making ALL kinds of big, loud noises.  Hammers, buzz saws, chain saws, boards falling… You know, the noises one makes when one is building stuff. Loud, and not nice to the ears of dogs.

fireworks-and-dogs-3Unless I’m mistaken about all of these noises being fireworks, and we’re being overrun by some enemy country I don’t know about… but then I’d think the booms would be much closer together and there’d be more screaming involved, and sirens, and you know, mayhem and confusion. So I’m gonna go with the assumption that it’s fireworks (and construction work).

The pets aren’t happy about it.  Not at all. I’m not at all keen on this much noise so early in the day either. It’s making me all kinds of cranky, and trying to calm nervous dogs so early in the day when I spent a good portion of last night doing the same thing isn’t my idea of fun. BTW, I found a trick that totally worked last night… I read to them.  I was reading a book anyway when the fireworks started, so I figured I’d just read out loud.  After about twenty minutes the dogs all calmed down and were sleeping.  I had calming music on too, so I think the combination of the two worked pretty well. It probably won’t work right now because I’d have to close all of the windows to shut out the daytime noises and it’s too hot to do that.


Douglas, of course, is blissfully sleeping through the whole affair. Bless his heart.

I used to love the Fourth of July… now I guess I’m just to old for all of the noise and chaos. Ah how times have changed.

4 thoughts on “Fireworks… ugh!

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I’m lucky that our dogs don’t seem to get upset by fireworks. Of course, they are not right in our front yard, but you can certainly hear the booming. I think it’s because we live not far from a shooting area, so the sound of bullets are not an unusual sound. And we have hunting in the area, too, so they hear loud booms pretty regularly. I get much more worried about hunting season and wish they wouldn’t shoot so close to private property.


    1. Patience Post author

      I think I’m hearing fireworks from the public park across the river. It’s such a nice day they’re just carrying through the air nicely. *sigh* I hope that the dogs aren’t going to be anxious all day, because that will kind of suck.


  2. Embeecee

    Huny spent the 4th lying on the couch (on me) which was uncomfortable, because although she is a tiny dog, 103 or whatever insanely hot temperature it was outside, was making me fractious. I had on the A/C too (for a while…my pocketbook tends to cry a lot in the summer…those electric bills are awful. Later I went to a siblings house for a BBQ and then to a friend’s house (who has a balcony and a great view of the valley here) for the fireworks. I’m a firework junkie. It all settled down, and I came home to a relatively calm dog, she was more interested in going out than being freaked about the noise. THEN. Welll I’ll blog about it. Taken up enough room on your comment section as is. 😉 Happy 5th of July!!


    1. Patience Post author

      It’s amazing how heavy small animals can be. My Chihuahua kept trying to meld into me all day. The fireworks started at around 10AM and stopped some time around midnight. We had to physically take the dogs outside and close the door behind them to get them to do their business (normally they have free reign to go in and out) because they spent most of the day cowering and trying to escape from the loud noises.



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