An unwitting juicer


About an 8 on this scale

So, a few days ago, my back started hurting… no big thing. My back hurts a lot.  Then it started hurting.  Like, I’m about to fall down and faint right here if the pain doesn’t stop hurting.  Luckily, these bouts of holy god I’m gonna die pain only lasted about a half an hour or so and it would go back to its regularly scheduled eh, I’m in pain again level of hurting. Me, being the bright person I am, only took two days to figure out that the really bad hurting was tied to me eating… like… anything. Like, I’d eat something and about an hour later. BAM! I’m curled in a ball and some little gnome is trying to carve its way out of my gut through my back.

So I’m not sure what’s giving me grief. The miracle of modern technology says it could be anything from my liver to my appendix, to trapped gas (a la the IBS). could be this for all I know. Today I learned what that was, and it’s quite possibly that (no cure of course). Learn something new every day, right? (click the link if you’re curious). But whatever it is, it’s just under my lower right rib — where my gallbladder used to be. I’m fairly sure it’s nothing acute or life threatening because I don’t have a fever or chills or anything like that. Nor am I nauseated. Just in a boatload of pain. I mean, it feels exactly like a gallbladder attack.  Except walking around used to make gallbladder pain feel better, and walking around does nothing for this pain.  You know what made this pain stop? Not eating. Like I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday (Saturday) morning. I’ve been getting by on juice, coffee, and unsweetened tea — water gives me heartburn, but I’ll drink enough tea and coffee to keep hydrated. Douglas went out and bought me some protein smoothies because a person needs protein, but even those make the pain twinge. I’m gonna have to go slow.


Juices… of a type

We don’t have insurance. And I’ve already been round and round with at least half a dozen doctors about this pain for coming on three years now. Since right after I had my gallbladder out I’ve had pain where it used to be. They’ve run all kinds of tests and stuff and every single one of them has said, “We can’t find anything wrong.”  I don’t want to go to the doctor — even when I’m in this much pain — just to hear them say. “We can see you’re in pain, but we can’t tell you why.”  It’s disheartening.  It’s annoying, and it makes me want to give up on doctors altogether.  Right now, I’m drinking cranberry juice (unsweetened) and apple cider vinegar in hopes that there’s *some* truth to the home remedies — in case it’s possible kidney stones because I have had kidney stones before, and they do feel like this… but I don’t think the pain would have stopped like when I stopped eating if it were kidney stones.  But, that’s what the medical community has brought me to.  Bitters before doctors — because I’d rather drink this vile concoction than face even one more doctor telling me that there’s nothing “wrong” with me while I’m sitting in front of them clutching my side in pain.

pain levelAnyway, the agonizing pain in my back is gone for the moment, has been gone since Saturday morning (when I finally made the whole eating = OMG! Make it stop! pain connection). Now I just have that all over blech feeling that comes with tummy troubles, and I still have a twinge in my side where my gallbladder used to be — probably from the protein shake. I’ll give this juice thing a couple more days then see if I can eat a bland diet (it’s a thing) for a week or two before trying to eat “normally” again.  I’ve been able to tolerate the bland diet in the past at least.  I’m telling you, dear reader, my body hates me. It really does. I bet you money that it’s rebelling like this because I’d just started cooking again… after a year of sandwiches, take out, and frozen dinners (I blame the Cymbalta), I start cooking real food, and this is what it does. Blah.

dance-gif-snoopy-happy-animated-image-49277In good news, Douglas found a job. He got a job offer this past Friday and accepted it, so he should be starting work soon. It’s a year long contract in Seattle, and there’s an option to hire after the year is up, so hopefully we won’t be going through this again next year.  ^_^ I’m keeping my fingers crossed — and planning for both possibilities. 🙂

13 thoughts on “An unwitting juicer

  1. Um, it sounds like it might be an ulcer. Or diverticulitis. Both really HURT and both can be fixed, depending. I had really terrible ulcers and lost a stomach to them. Garry just had diverticulitis and had to change what he ate. Unless it goes away right quick, you need to see a gut doctor. But both of these ARE fixable and the sooner you do something, the faster they go away and the less serious they are.

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    • I saw a gut doctor earlier this year, and he did and upper gi colonoscopy and found “nothing” out of the ordinary. I’m pretty sure he would have seen ulcers were there any. That’s how I was diagnosed with the h. Pyori a few months back, which they treated me (successfully) for. That was supposed to prevent ulcers. Unless one sprung up since the colonoscopy, or he missed it, I’m betting not ulcer.


    • Like I said to Marilyn, I had a colonoscopy earlier this year and they didn’t find any ulcers. Though they did treat me for the h. Pyori infection… which was supposed to prevent ulcers… stupid body. So unless one suddenly sprung up, which I guess is possible, I dunno. It could be. It could be gas. We’ll see.

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  2. I’m sorry you’re going through that. I get burning “oh god, I’m going to die” gut pains every once in a while. But I’ve isolated the causes to horse radish and Moes/Barbaritos. Like, it feels like someone put napalm in my guts and lit it on fire for hours. But I think you are doing the right thing — keep it simple. Maybe try some broth too, if your stomach can handle it.

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      • Strangely, spicy foods don’t bother me… it’s just like a weird compound in the spice mix that makes me feel like I’m dying. Hell, we went out for Indian yesterday and I feel find. It’s just something about moes/barbaritos and horse radish. Which is sad because I love horse radish, especially with oysters.

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        • When I was in college, some friends and I had a potluck every Friday for about a year, and one guy brought the same dish every time — Chicken Curry. And every Friday he would assure me that it “wasn’t spicy” and he made it “not spicy” just for me. hahahahaha! And every Friday I’d burn my tongue trying his “not spicy” Chicken Curry — followed immediately by copious amounts of yogurt. He tried, but I don’t think he’d know “not spicy” if it came up and bit him. ^_^ Bless his heart. It was good curry though.

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  3. Oh, P! I’m so sorry to hear this! Maybe you can…. nope, I got nothing. I will pray for you!
    I love the revised pain chart!!!
    Yay that D. got a job!!
    Water gives me heartburn too!! Isn’t that weird?? But when I drink Coke, etc, I gain more weight. ugh So what r we to do??? Juice it is for you, good for you.


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