Short update

food is an important partSo, I blogged the other day about my body’s latest rebellion and my drastic measure of not eating to quell it.  That was… Sunday I think. I stopped eating on Saturday and have been subsisting on juice, coffee, protein smoothies and — just yesterday — a little bit of yogurt.  I figured yogurt was soft enough to digest easily and I could probably do with the probiotics… Anyway, today’s Tuesday and I finally got up the nerve to eat something solid to see how it goes.  I braised some chicken breast (boneless and skinless of course) with a tiny bit of salt and pepper and had about 2 oz of that.  Braising is the best way of cooking meat that I know of with very little fat and it makes the meat so tender, which would make it easy to digest. Anyway, that was about… five hours ago I think…

It hurts,  but not much more than it usually hurts. I’m not in screaming pain like I was last Friday.

So, progress I guess.

5 thoughts on “Short update

  1. Embeecee

    Um that diverticulitis idea bears looking into. When you can, of course. And, of course, they’ll tell you they can’t ‘find anything wrong’….so up to you. My sympathies always! 😦

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