Short update

food is an important partSo, I blogged the other day about my body’s latest rebellion and my drastic measure of not eating to quell it.  That was… Sunday I think. I stopped eating on Saturday and have been subsisting on juice, coffee, protein smoothies and — just yesterday — a little bit of yogurt.  I figured yogurt was soft enough to digest easily and I could probably do with the probiotics… Anyway, today’s Tuesday and I finally got up the nerve to eat something solid to see how it goes.  I braised some chicken breast (boneless and skinless of course) with a tiny bit of salt and pepper and had about 2 oz of that.  Braising is the best way of cooking meat that I know of with very little fat and it makes the meat so tender, which would make it easy to digest. Anyway, that was about… five hours ago I think…

It hurts,  but not much more than it usually hurts. I’m not in screaming pain like I was last Friday.

So, progress I guess.

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