Me no likee

escape_keyIs anyone else having difficulties with the “like” button on their favorite bloggers’ pages?  I go to the page, hit “like’  WordPress will flash like it’s doing something and nothing will happen.  I can like and reply from the reader page, but nothing happens if I’m on their page.  This is the exact opposite of what was going on a few months ago when I couldn’t like or reply from my reader but could from their blog page.


juice bottles

Not the mocha, more of the carrot…

In other news… I’m still drinking smoothies as my main source of “food” — they’re full of fiber, protein, and vitamins and if I’m not eating, I’m at least gonna drink my nutrients — and eating a very small, very bland diet consisting of chicken, bread, and yogurt (for the probiotics). I got all crazy the other day and ate one (count that… one) pot sticker from Douglas’s plate (he offered!) and ended up in enough pain to remind me why I’m not eating anything right now.  I’ve also cut way back on my coffee consumption because, yeah… it wasn’t doing me any good. Now I’m down to two cups a day.  I know. I know.  When we get insurance, I’ll see a doctor — if I’m still hurting.  Until then I’ll just keep on keeping on. It’s not really hurting that much right now so long as I don’t eat anything solid.  If we go by that pain chart I posted the other day, it’s about a five… I can handle that.

Being on what’s basically a liquid diet has made me close, intimate friends with my bathroom though.  I’m getting all kinds of exercise standing up, sitting down, standing up, sitting down, walking back and forth.  Yeah… it’s fun. >_< At least I’m catching up on my reading. Ha!

teddy bear1

Screen capture from Fallout 4

4 thoughts on “Me no likee

  1. Embeecee

    Yep. Same problem. I AM replying to everyone, WP is randomly making those replies (comments) disappear. It’s annoying. And I fixed my own like/no like problem by going to the settings and resetting everything. Again, annoying. Good luck hun, and this little bon mot for you (returned) “this too shall pass..” 😉


    1. Patience Post author

      I just tried to reply on your page and it told me to “please log in”… I replied to your post on reader and it worked just fine. Something is def going on here.



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