My own failed filing.

So, Melinda over at purpleslobinrecovery posted an amusing post about her struggles to file a huge pile of neglected papers in her ongoing attempt to bring order to the chaos — a praiseworthy goal. And it reminded me that I haven’t filed, well, anything in over a year.  I blame the Cymbalta.  I blame pretty much everything right now on the Cymbalta.  So I grabbed all of the stuff I had lying about the house and pulled out my handy filing drawer and made my own attempt to file things.

'Not everyone is able to cope with change.'

Yep, I’m a cave man

I discovered one thing and remembered another… I discovered that Douglas does not feel the need to keep as many things as I do, because there was way too few papers for not having filed in a year  — but okay because he’s the one paying the bills, and if he’s comfortable with everything being online… so be it.  I’m just used to having paper stuff and receipts for everything going back at least two years.  This not filing thing… first time it’s happened to me in… wow. A long time. I may not have kept a proper filing cabinet, but I’ve always had things filed and organized. It’s just my way.  But yeah. Almost a year now and I’ve pretty much handed it all over to Douglas, who never files anything — ever. So it’s all been sitting in a pile on top of the filing cabinet just waiting for me to file it. Different strokes I guess.

When he was between Executive Assistants, filing became a challenge for Jonathan.And, I remembered that I sometimes suck balls when it comes to filing.  Remember, dear reader, I was an administrative assistant for nearly 20 years.  Filing was a daily part of my working life.  I know the alphabet. Filing is not a difficult task.  It’s low man on the totem pole when it comes to office skills. Anyone with half a brain can file.  But it seems I don’t have that skill anymore.  As a matter of fact, that’s one of the (many) reasons why I was fired from my last full time job.  Because I kept mis-filing papers.  I’d just gotten into the car accident that triggered my fibromyalgia — something I didn’t know about until much much later — and was taking ibuprofen for the pain. Turns out, suddenly I also developed a peculiar reaction to ibuprofen… yeah, it suddenly had weird side effects that it never had before. It made me loopy, dulled my brain, and didn’t even do much for the pain, just made it bearable.  All NSAIDs do this to me now, which is why I cannot take them.  Of course, I didn’t know it was the ibuprofen at the time. Nor did I understand what was going with my body. I just knew that I couldn’t concentrate, I never seemed to get enough sleep, and that I was in pain.  I mean, even though I’d be in an accident that totaled my car, I didn’t get hurt in any way that anyone could see.  I just… hurt. How do you explain that to your boss?  Fibromyalgia wasn’t even a thing at the time.

filing-systemAnyway, they fired me, because I couldn’t do such a simple thing as filing (among other reasons).  Now, I’ve filed since then, and normally, I’m okay with it… but sometimes, like yesterday, I’m really  not.  I had to have Douglas go through the drawer after me and make sure that the files were in order because although I checked them twice and fixed my mistakes, I knew that there were still files out of order. And I know, even now, that there are things that are misfiled.  I just don’t have the energy to go through every file and find them.  And this, dear readers, is why I cannot work as an administrative assistant again even part-time. Because even though I can muddle through most days fine, or catch my mistakes soon after I make them, there will be days, weeks, even months where my brain cannot function enough to do such a simple task as taking a sheet of paper and putting it in the proper folder. This isn’t rocket surgery you know.

But hey, at least the filing got done. Progress!

10 thoughts on “My own failed filing.

  1. purpleslobinrecovery

    Aww, P. I hate it that all this has happened to you. Can I blame the Cymbalta too??? Yeah, I take it, so yes I can! Yay!!
    Thanks so much for the 2 shout outs!! I love you!
    Filing is highly overrated. Douglas has the right idea!
    Let me know what you want me to write about next, that we both suck at doing. lol

    Liked by 2 people

        1. Patience Post author

          Everyone’s built differently. I take two meds for my bipolar that aren’t *for* bipolar but for something else completely. But for some people (like me), they work for bipolar. As they say Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV).

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Patience Post author

            Some people do really well with Cymbalta, but others don’t. I just happen to be one of the ones that don’t… Too bad it took me so long to find out. >_< And the withdrawal from it is almost as bad as the side effects. But that's in the past, and I'm looking forward, not backwards. 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

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