To brag again

Well over two years ago, I was inspired by Jan, the lovely blogger over at The Snail of Happiness (I’m sorry, I don’t know her name), to attempt a pieced work of crochet. I normally don’t do pieced works because, well… you’ll see. Anyway, she did this masterpiece to which I donated one square.  And, being inspired, I thought, I’ll make a blanket of those squares (the one I donated).  I mean, they’re easy enough to make and I had all of that yarn sitting around, why not?  So made a bunch of squares, enough to make a blanket.  And I even started edging them in white for continuity’s sake.  But then I noticed something.  See these two squares?


They are exactly the same size… as it should be. And it’s cool and good and everything’s right with the world when all the squares are the same size. But look when I add another square…

20170718_085546 Yep, it’s smaller than the other two. Smaller! Same weight of yarn, same crochet hook, same tension… just smaller. And if were just one square, that wouldn’t be a problem, but a good half of the squares were one size or the other, some from the same skein of yarn!  I know I didn’t add an extra row because then the pattern wouldn’t look right. Nope, for some reason a good half of the squares were just… bigger (or smaller, pick one).  Most likely it was tension. But I wasn’t paying any mind to how the squares looked while I was crocheting them. I just did one up, made sure the pattern was right and tossed it in the basket.  It wasn’t until I started edging them that I noticed this discrepancy.

Now, I understand that there are probably tricks and ways to get everything to look like it’s the same size, but… it bothered me. It bothered me a lot.  In fact it torqued me so much that I put all of those squares in a bag and ignored them… for years. I brought them with me from New Mexico to Washington, but I still refused to acknowledge their existence. They just sat in a bag, in a box, until I could figure out what to do with them. I wasn’t gonna try and make a blanket out of them. That’s fersure.  No way, no how. Just looking at ’em made me mad. Okay, not mad, but definitely frustrated.  I thought I had better control over my tension than that. >_< I’ve been crocheting for thirty years! Am I really that sloppy? Makes me wanna cry.

So they stayed in the Box ‘o Shame until a few weeks ago then I pulled them out and started to crochet this shawl with them.


It’s a square shawl that’s based loosely on this pattern and I’ve used that pattern before. I really like the pattern because the shawl can be worn as a triangle (above) or a caplet as so:


or you can totally use it the way I do, as a lap blanket:


I know it looks kinda psychedelic but I like it.  Since I didn’t make it for anyone else but me, I guess that’s all that matters. ^_^  The hardest part about making this shawl was weaving in all of the loose ends.  There are so many of them! I tried to weave as I went, but yeah, that didn’t happen. I’m sure there are still some stragglers that I haven’t caught, even after two days of weaving in loose ends. But I’d rather do that any day of the week than have a pile of squares staring at me every time I open a box.  I still have about a dozen squares that I don’t know what I’m gonna do with. Maybe make a scarf or something.  Except they’re not all the same size. >_<

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