WordPress weirdness

angry woman shooting computer1So, here’s what’s going on with my WordPress account lately:

— If I go to a person’s page, sometimes I have to log in to comment on their post, even if I went to their post from my Reader (meaning, I’m already logged in, because… reader).

— Sometimes, if I go to a person’s blog the “comment” box will be there and I will appear to be logged in, but I cannot comment because WordPress will simply eat the comment. Gone like it never happened.

— More often than not, if I go to a person’s blog page, the comment box simply will not be there at all. *sigh*

— I cannot like someone’s post from their page. I hit “like” and the screen will flash black for a nanosecond like it did something but the “like” will not appear.

— If I read the blog post from the Reader, I can like and comment on the post.  The Reader is a handy tool for keeping up with who’s writing what, but it’s not a very good tool for reading the posts how they are meant to be read.  So I’ve taken to reading people’s posts on their page, then going back to the Reader to comment and like.

— Right now, I have a big, red, dialog box in the corner of my screen that reads “Saving of draft failed”  I dunno if that means this post won’t get saved and posted, but hey, we’ll see.

— I had to copy and paste this to post at a later time because I couldn’t post it when I first typed it out.

I use WordPress for free. I don’t pay for this service. I’m not one to make noises about a product I’m not paying for, but even I have a breaking point. This is just… getting to be too irksome.  I may take my toys and play elsewhere if this doesn’t resolve itself soon.

Edited to add… A new one that just started today. If I’m on my page, I can’t access my comments (the little bell in the corner. But if I’m on my Reader, it pulls them up just fine. >_<

5 thoughts on “WordPress weirdness

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    That was happening to Garry yesterday, but it disappeared today. I think they are messing with the format again. Garry is on the same account as I am, so it’s some kind of weirdness and it isn’t happening to everyone, just a few people. it did completely vanish today. But who knows? It may show up again tomorrow. And I DO pay for this account.

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    1. Patience Post author

      Nope. I have a PC. I am using Chrome, but I’ve been using Chrome with WordPress for a while now (this isn’t my first blog with them) and Chrome has been out long enough that it shouldn’t be the new kid on the block anymore.



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