Let’s talk about superstitions

fingersI used to be pretty superstitious as a teenager. Then I started studying them, and the history behind them are really interesting. Back in the day, we didn’t have the internet, so it was all books and the library, but I still learned quite a bit about the hows and whys of superstitions.  I still knock on wood though, because I don’t think it does any harm, and I’m not certain that all of those scientific people know for certain what makes the world go ’round.  There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. (Shakespeare) &c… &c…

Anyway, I don’t dismiss all things supernatural out of hand because there’s just too much anecdotal evidence, and too much I’ve experienced in my own life that science cannot explain. So here’s a list of questions about superstitions.

The inherent question that follows every question is “Why or why not?”   I just didn’t feel like typing that each time.  So considered it understood that I wanna know “why or why not?” ^_^ Thanks!

keep-calm-and-knock-on-wood-41  Do you knock on wood, or use something similar (like cross your fingers), for good luck?

2  Does Friday the 13th have any significant meaning for you?

3  What do you do with spilled salt, aside from cleaning it up?

4  When you move into a new house, what’s the first thing you bring through the door?

5  Do you now, or have you ever, had a good luck charm? If so, what is it?

6  Is there any one thing that you refuse to do because it is “bad luck”? If so, what is it?

7  There’s a ladder leaning against the wall and the only way to get to where you want to go is under it, what do you do?

8  When you move out of an old house, do you leave anything behind, aside from memories?

9  Does February 29th hold any significance for you?

10  It’s the first day of the New Year, is there anything special that you should do?



11  What do you do with the “wishbone” of the bird you just cooked and/or ate? (if you’re a meat eater)


12  Do you believe in omens, good and bad? Or do you think that they are self-fulfilling prophecies?

13  Would you ever open your umbrella inside the house?

14  If you see a penny on the ground, what do you do?

15  In your mind, are black cats any different than other cats?

16  What, if anything, do you do when passing a cemetery?

17  Do you believe in premonitions? Have you ever experienced one?

18  Your mirror broke! What do you do? Aside from sweep up the glass?

19  Do you avoid whistling indoors?

20  A bird has flown into your home! What does it mean?


21  Do you avoid setting new shoes on the kitchen/dining room table?

22  Your palm itches for no apparent reason, does this mean anything to you?

23  Someone has just sneezed near you, what, if anything, do you say to them?

24  You happen to be in a field of clover and find a four-leaf clover, what do you do?

25  It’s the last day of the Old Year, what should be done before midnight?

And there you go. It’s not a huge list this time — though some opinions may differ. ^_^ I’ll post my answers soon. I hope y’all enjoy both answering and my answers. See ya!

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