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I love this picture

So “summer” has finally hit my area. As in, we’re now getting the temperatures here that the rest of the country has been getting for months (90’s mostly).  It’s been that way for… about a week. Next week it’ll go back down into the 70’s and 80’s and life will go on as usual… Um, that’s Fahrenheit for you guys outside of the US so 95 degrees Fahrenheit would be about 35 degrees Celsius and it’s been averaging in the mid nineties here this past week.  This isn’t even record high, but it’s higher than our “average” weather.

And… oh my goodness, you’d think it was the end of the world the way some people are carrying on. There are “coolness centers” set up all over town — and it’s not that big of a town — where people can go inside and escape the heat.  The local grocery store is handing out free water so people do not dehydrate in the heat, and there’s just… all kinds of things happening to keep people from dropping dead in this oh, so sudden heat wave. And while I think that it’s great that they have these things in place, I can’t help but thinking that they’re… overreacting a bit? Maybe?


Because it’s funny and heat related

Okay, okay, it’s 20 degrees hotter than it normally is. I get it. But it’s summer! It’s supposed to be hot. And it’s not like we’re living in the desert here. We’re living in the middle of a freaking forest. There’s shade everywhere.  And this isn’t the South where shade doesn’t always help (it does a little, but not always). This is the Pacific Northwest, the heat is dry. Shade is a lifesaver. Walk in the shade! Carry an umbrella! That’s portable shade right there… I did that in Mississippi, and it was so useful. This isn’t rocket surgery. The sun = heat, so block out the sun and you have less heat. It’s like people forgot how to live without central air conditioning. There are so many easy ways to keep cool without it — tricks I learned as a kid when this central air conditioning thing was for people with money.  Which we didn’t have. Maybe it’s because I lived for so long in the South (sometimes without AC, and that was rough) and then in New Mexico… 90 degrees is like… Okay, it’s getting up there, but nothing to panic about. Especially when there’s a big shady tree to rest under, like, every five feet.  Seriously, we’re not crossing the Mojave over here. But, whatever.  Let them panic. I’ll stay cool over here.

state fiare

It’s a thing in some states…

And, I guess people are all uptight because it’s a little smokey in our neck of the woods right now due to a major wildfire up in Canada. I mean, we got this in New Mexico all of the time too. it’s that time of year. Smoke all of the time. But I suppose it’s not that common here so they’re not used to it. What’s interesting to me, is people are bitching about the smoke down here, and I’m more concerned about the wildfires burning up in Canada.  I mean, shouldn’t the news be focusing on the Canadian wildfires and what’s going on with them rather than the inconvenience (and yes the slight health risk) that the smoke gives us here in the US?  I’d think that being burned to a crisp, or having your property destroyed by fire is slightly more newsworthy than breathing smoke for a few days, but that’s just me.  Yet all I hear about from any source is smoke, smoke, smoke, oh and it’s coming from fires in Canada.  Granted, I don’t watch the news, so maybe there’s a bit or two in there about the actual fires… but it hasn’t made it to the social media.


NASA picture of smoke


Anyway, that’s what’s been going on around here. Heat and smoke. On a more personal note, the meds they gave me in the ER seem to be helping. My pain has lessoned considerably and I’m getting some of my energy back. Enough to do chores around the house. Unfortunately, the chores leave me exhausted for the rest of the day, so there’s that. Like I posted before, the meds don’t cure, they only help. ^_^ But hey, at least I’m making progress. Baby steps.  The ER doctor wants me to see a gut doctor, but who can afford one? Not me. I follow up with my doctor in September (her nearest opening). Until then, I’m sticking to the diet because I don’t like pain and will avoid it when possible.

dont trust my gut

Not at all. 

The eating regime I’m on is a very low calorie, low fat diet with lots of shakes and easy to digest food — so nothing high fiber and nothing spicy or anything like that — because if I deviate from what’s basically a bland diet, the pain comes back, just not as bad. On the downside, even though I’m eating between 1000 and 1200 calories a day — sometimes less — I’m not dropping any weight. And I mean, any weight. Not even water weight. Though that’s not the reason for this diet, I’da thought I’d drop at least a pound or two in the month that I’ve been on it, but nothing. I’m the exact same weight I was when my gut forced me to these drastic measures in the first place. I’m telling y’all… my body hates me. You’d think that if I go through all this trouble to make it stop hurting, it would at least reward me with some dropped weight, but no. No it won’t. Stupid body.

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