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The meds the doctors gave me in the ER a few weeks back ran out a few days ago. The pain came back almost immediately afterwards and has been building up since then. I have an appointment with my doctor… at the end of September. >_< It’s her earliest appointment.

Luckily for me, the meds are available over the counter.  One of the doctors I saw when I finally went for treatment, foresaw this happening and suggested that I continue the meds if it does… I just forgot what it was, exactly I was taking and kinda threw the bottles away. >_<  I found the release papers from the ER this morning so I’m good to go… yay! Hopefully another two weeks might do the trick. We’ll see.

dont trust my gutI think the worst thing about this whole mess is that the doctors are treating me for something, but they honestly don’t know what it is they’re treating me for. The release papers say “not specified” under diagnosed, but the meds are, I believe, for ulcers. I’ve changed my diet drastically to help heal ulcers if that’s the case, but that doesn’t seem to be helping a whole lot. It helps a little.  Right now though, there’s a stabbing pain in my back that’s making it quite clear something’s wrong. And I don’t want to go through the hassle of seeing a doctor about it again only to be told they can’t find anything amiss — here’s some meds, go away. We’re still paying off the last trip to the ER.  They’re not cheap, you know.

I know I said that this blog wouldn’t be about my health issues, and I try to talk of other things… I really do. But when some angry stomach imp is trying to claw its way out of my insides, it’s hard to think of anything else. >_<

5 thoughts on “Blah blah blah

  1. Embeecee

    Ya know…it’s YOUR blog, write what moves you, share what you want to share. Yesterday somebody I don’t know (because it’s the internet, one can turn it OFF if they want to) told me they thought I was too ‘wordy’. And it got me thinking about why I blog and why other people blog…there are a variety of reasons obviously…some use it as a forum for their untested writing, some as information, some to help heal themselves. I sort of think you fall into that last category. And I came to the conclusion that I’m still writing for myself primarily and although a ‘writer’ should be able to accept and even use constructive criticism, the writer should still stay true to themselves. They’re telling the story after all. So tell us YOUR story as you want to and we’ll listen. I hope you find an answer soon, that sounds painful! 😦


    1. Willow Post author

      I saw you mention the “wordy” thing on your blog and I was, What an asshole. to the dude who said that to you. I mean. The nerve of some people. Unless they were critiquing a story of yours (which I’m thinking they were not), and/or you specifically asked for advice on your blog, that kind of “advice” isn’t wanted or needed.

      Yeah, this is a personal blog first and foremost. I say as much on my “about me” page. Having said that, most people get tired of hearing anyone moan about their physical ailments after a while. I know I get sick of moaning about them. ^_^ I try and stay as upbeat as possible. Like I said, it’s difficult to do when some gnome is trying to cut its way out of your gut with a dull knife.


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    My BIG problem, or at least the one that causes me the most pain and is effectively incurable because it’s not a disease and not even a condition, just something that happens, is that my digestive tract seizes up and goes rigid. It has sent me to the hospital several times and they removed my gall bladder because they thought that was the problem. It wasn’t. Eventually, I found a doctor who had the same problem and he knew what to do about it. It can start in your gut or in your esophagus. When it starts in your esophagus, it feels like a heart attack. The only symptom is the pain. Sometimes it happens to me just because I’m physically very tired, other times because some food disagreed with me. It’s somehow connected to an overly acid stomach, but it’s not just that. NO symptoms that anyone can track except pain. A lot of pain. Breathtaking pain.

    The only thing that works 100% is nitroglycerin. Apparently it makes the long muscles in your gut or esophagus release its grip. But it can come back repeatedly for hours and occasionally days. There’s nothing to test for, either. It’s just a thing that happens to some people, for no clear reason. In my case, exhaustion and/or lack of sleep or ANY kind of food problem — citrus or other acidic fruit, or anything my gut has decided it doesn’t like today. I can’t tell if it is YOUR problem, but it is one of the things no one detects unless they happen to have a personal familiarity with it. It hurts so much I can’t talk and sometimes, barely breathe. On a really bad night — like last night — it’s hard to believe I’m going to make it through to the other side. The last doctor I saw about it said he though the gut was actually twisting, too.

    Lacking nitro, sipping tepid milk very slowly, one tiny sip at a time, can help start the muscles release. And try not to let yourself get entirely empty. That makes it worse.

    Sure made the dogs crazy.



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