I guess I’m weird

strain your eyesThe whole world around me (not the world itself, just the world around me) is a-flutter with the coming eclipse.  People are buying up “eclipse glasses” so they can watch it. Others are driving hundreds of miles so they can experience the total eclipse rather than the measly 93% eclipse that we’re gonna get here. I mean, come on, why settle for most of an eclipse when you can drive hundreds of miles, sit in hours and hours of traffic with thousands of people who had the same idea, try and find a room in small towns that are sold out because — thousands of people with the same idea — and stand for an hour staring at the sun for that “once in a lifetime” event that may or may not blow you away.

I was a kid the last time there was an eclipse that came through the USA… We “watched” through pinholes in paper and looked up at the sun when the moon fully covered it.  Everyone around me was truly and deeply awed by the event.  I was — underwhelmed — basically.  I mean, it’s a natural phenomena. It’s going to happen whether we’re here to see it or not. Solar eclipses happen all of the time — like every other year even.  Just because the path of the eclipse is coming across the USA right now doesn’t make this eclipse any more special than any other eclipse. You know?  Or maybe that’s just me.

moment to shine

I know that this attitude flies in the face of my saying that I’ve retained my childlike sense of wonder about the world, but it doesn’t. Because even as a child, there were things that adults said I should feel were awesome and marvelous and I was like, “Uh huh.” The solar eclipse was one of them.  I mean, it’s like saying I should feel awed by the full moon. It’s nice and all, but I’m not gonna work myself up into a frenzy about it.  And I’m certainly not gonna waste money on a pair of glasses that I can only use once just to watch the sun swallow the moon for what? half an hour? Please. I might work my way outside during total darkness and see what I can see. Other than that? Not really that interested in the whole affair.

For me, it’s much ado about nothing.  But maybe I’m just weird.

eclipse party

7 thoughts on “I guess I’m weird

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I remember the last one too. I wasn’t exactly “under” whelmed, but it wasn’t one of the top ten events of my twenties. I can’t get get myself into a froth over this one, either. There’s be a zillion pictures of it all over the internet. I’ll froth over them.

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    1. Willow Post author

      We live in a small town that’s on the path to Oregon where everyone’s going to see the total eclipse. There’s been so much traffic through here it’s incredible.


  2. Embeecee

    I was awed. From my couch. I didn’t see the eclipse, nor venture off the couch, because up here in northern Utah we got the same hoard of idiots jamming I-15 to come see. I love nature and so events like this in my sphere of reality (i.e. the USA) make things a bit brighter, but I’m not dissing you for being ‘meh’. And that last cartoon/meme thingie? BWAHHAHHAHAHA!! Although I (apparently) was stupider than the woman asking the sun to eclipse at a more convenient time. I bought into the idea that staring at the eclipse would hurt Huny’s eyes….so I kept her on the couch with me. She didn’t mind either way.


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