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The little sneak

So, I had a post all ready to be written today, but then I looked out my window and saw my neighbor’s turkeys heading for the road.  See, my neighbor lives behind me a ways, and her driveway runs alongside my property — it’s also the access road to the river.  The turkeys were wandering along the driveway, as casual as you like as turkeys are wont to do — about six of them in total. And they were all just struttin’ towards the street.  My neighbor and I are not close, but I didn’t want to see her turkeys get to the road, or, heaven forbid, the highway, so I got up and herded them back onto her property.  It didn’t take much, I just stood in front of them until they turned around and started walking back the way they came then I walked behind them until they were back on her property.  Not a big deal. I honestly don’t know where she keeps her turkeys on the property, so I didn’t try to put them away, I just didn’t want them to end up on the road.


Tasty bear snack

I texted my neighbor while all of this was going on to inform her that the turkeys were loose but haven’t heard back from her — this was over an hour ago (I’m still recovering from the exertion). I have no idea where the silly things went after I let them go onto her property because my dogs got excited by the sight of the loose turkeys and the two little ones found a way out of the fence. Sigh. So rounding up my dogs took priority over herding her turkeys. Luckily Poptart, the Chihuahua mix isn’t one for running too far, but Cocoa — pictured above — does like to explore.  The last time he got out, which was well over a year ago, he ended up at the river — over half a mile away. Now, I’m not worried about him running away and never coming back — he knows where his food is. I’m worried about the him ending up on the road, or heaven forbid, the highway where he’ll get hit by a car. I’m also worried he’ll be eaten by a bear, or coyote. And considering the bear scat I keep seeing all over the place, that’s completely plausible.  So after rounding up the miscreants, I had to figure out how they got out of the fence, which they were helpful enough to oblige by promptly escaping again — the buggers. >_< Seems the people who put up my fence a year ago were as incompetent as I thought they were and the stopgate they put in place to keep the dogs in (because they botched the job of putting up the fence properly) is no longer in place. Now we have to figure out how to fix it. But my tenant and I were able to put a different stopgate in place until we can find a more permanent solution.

So, with all of that happening. I completely forgot what it was I was gonna write about today. I’m also tuckered out from all the chasing animals. ^_^ And it’s not even noon yet.

7 thoughts on “Shenanigans

    • Yeah, they’re domestic brown turkeys. I wouldn’t have bothered with wild turkeys. I wasn’t threatening them… I just kinda stood in their way and they decided to go the other way. I’m sure they’ve been herded before.

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  1. I LOVE the imagery. Teeny chihuahuas herding big, dumb birds…hilarious! Poptart will reign as the supreme unique name too! I can see him, “popping” up to remind you he’s there….oh my goodness! ❤ What a lovely life you have! 😀

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    • Poptart stayed behind me the first time he got out, and the turkeys were gone the second time he got out, but that is an amusing image. ^_^ I’m still recovering from their shenanigans though. This body isn’t made to go chasing animals over acres of land. Ha! That’s why I’m getting a fence before I buy any livestock (goats and stuff), so I can keep them contained as much as possible.

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