On turkeys and dogs

So, as I wrote a couple of days ago, our neighbors are having difficulties keeping their turkeys in line. Just yesterday I saw him herding his turkeys down the very same driveway I herded the turkeys down the other day.  And later this fine feathered friend decided to make itself at home in our back yard for a few hours:


Sorry for the screen in the way, I took it through the kitchen window.  Even later that day, our tenant says she saw the whole flock heading down the street towards who knows where.  Since the last time I saw hide nor hair of my neighbor, he was heading out with a kayak, I don’t think he knew his turkeys were running amok. I honestly don’t know what happened to them, if they made it back or not. I haven’t heard a peep from the neighbors, but we really don’t hear the turkeys unless something riles them.

dogAs for the pooches, well they got their taste of “freedom” and now they want more. So they’ve been digging near the fence, and now we have to come up with solutions to keep them inside the fence or we’ll be forced to keep them inside the house and only let them out supervised, which defeats the purpose of having a fenced yard in the first place. You know? We don’t have a lot of money at the moment, so it’s stopgate measures until we can afford to fix the fence properly. What a pain.

Speaking of pain. I got all energetic this morning and did some yard work.  I took a weed whacker to some of the tall grass that’s dotting the yard because it’s getting dry and dead and that’s kinda a fire hazard. So down it came.  Now my arms won’t stop shaking. >_<  Oh well, at least I got most of it done. Hopefully I’ll still feel energetic tomorrow and get the rest done.

2 thoughts on “On turkeys and dogs

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I wish someone would come and hack and hew in MY garden. I’ve had a massive infusion so choking vines and I think there’s nothing left to do but hire someone to dig it all out and see it with … I’m thinking … GRAVEL. Yup, good ole broken rocks. Cheap, don’t overgrow the premises, don’t choke anything. The same delightful grey blue all the time. I think I’ve had it with the garden. It’s making me crazy.


    1. Willow Post author

      We have all kinds of blackberries in the back yard that I’m not even going to try and attack. What I was getting at this morning was the grass in the fenced area.



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