Frightful weather

Okay, I dunno if you could call it weather per se, but it’s affecting the weather, so I’m gonna call it weather.  Here are three snapshots I just took wandering around outside for about five minutes:

This one is from my front porch.  Looks like a foggy morning, right? Nope. That there is smoke. Lots and lots of smoke. It’s coming from the various wildfires that are all over Oregon and Washington which you can learn about here.

front porch

We live in a valley so any kind of pollutant will just gather here until the next strong weather system pulls it out.  Right now, the smoke isn’t too bad, it looks pretty awful up high, but if you look down on the ground, it’s not as thick, well it wasn’t when I took the picture of this lilac plant (I think it’s lilac) growing at the edge of my driveway:


Almost looks like a nice spring day, huh?  Not a whiff of smoke anywhere.  I dunno what that plant is next to the lilac, but it’s growing all over the place. It gets pretty big too. I kinda like it. It’s funky. So anyway, the smoke in the air is like a light fog… it looks bad from afar, but it’s invisible when up close. Up high though, it’s pretty awful. Here’s my very amateurish picture of the sun.  The sun is red in color, but I can’t get my phone to take a picture that captures what my eye sees. Oh well, at least the sky is the same color as in the photo. I have a real camera around here somewhere, maybe I’ll hunt it up and charge the battery. I think there’s a trick to taking solar pictures though. Be that as it may here’s my sad attempt at capturing the sun… you get the idea:

smokey sun

The sun should be red…

Like I said, I’m not really bitching about the smoke.  I’m just glad that my house isn’t on fire and that we’re not being evacuated.  It’s something to think about though.  I was just thinking this morning. I don’t even know where we would go if we had to evacuate. Like none of my relatives have room for us and our four pets. I don’t know of any shelters that would take us and our four pets, and I sure as hell am not leaving the four pets behind. Yeah… something to consider and plan for I think.

Back to the smoke. It’s playing merry hell with my lungs. I’m not planning on doing any heavy lifting today at all. I mean, maybe walk to the mailbox, but that’s about it. I did quite a bit this weekend and my arms are still killing me. Today, I’m just gonna take it easy and try not to breathe in too much smoke. Maybe I’ll kill some dragons, or, maybe I won’t. We’ll see. ^_^

13 thoughts on “Frightful weather

  1. Everything that isn’t underwater is on fire. I’m pretty sure there’s some subtle meaning to all of this, but now we are waiting to see if we are in line for the drowning part. Where would WE go? We all live in the same area, so if WE go, all of us go … and where?

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  2. Dang. That’s crazy. We got some wildfires in FL years ago, and it was pretty bad. I remember visiting my nana while some were going on near Daytona and my dad and I were vomiting because the smoke was so bad. Mind you, this was back in the 90’s.

    We’re about to get a helluva hurricane, though.

    Just freaking out a little. Walmart is out of water, generators are selling like hot cakes. I think all I need now is some canned food, baby wipes, booze, and some sand bags and I’ll be good.


    • I don’t live in Florida anymore for just that reason. 🙂 I have at least two weeks of water stashed away in my house also because I used to live in hurricane country. I dunno what good it’s gonna do me if a fire comes through here, but dammit, I’m ready for anything else! — water-wise anyway. ^_^ Good luck with your hurricane. I hope it’s not too bad.

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      • Me too. Hermine, at a cat 1 was pretty awful last year. By the time Irma reaches us, it will probably be a cat 2 or 3, which devastate the Tallahassee area.


        • When I lived in Florida, we bugged out twice. I forget the name of one of them, but one of them was… Earl? I think. I was living briefly in Panama City Beach. It was supposed to be a cat 2 or 3 when it hit, but it wasn’t all that bad. Still, I was happy to have bugged out and say, “we could have stayed” than to have stayed and said, “we should have left.” I lived in Virginia for a while I was there when Floyd hit (the one what’s his name was “praying away” from the roof of his college. I remember going to the movies as it churned on the coastline. And I was there when Isobel hit. That was a scary one. We were without power for two weeks after Isobel.

          Like I said… good luck. I hope Hermione treats you well. Anything can happen with hurricanes.

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  3. There are times I wonder what it would be like to live next to an ocean – or to actually SEE an ocean – and then there are times like these – where the coastlines are going crazy with weather and natural disasters, when I’m once again content to live in the very land-locked north-central part of the US. All I have to deal with are the very cold winters, very muggy summers, and occasional flooding.

    Stay safe out there! All that particulate matter in the air plays merry cob with your lungs.


    • I’ve lived on the beach and it’s pretty amazing. Yeah, you have to worry about hurricanes and such but it’s pretty amazing anyway. ^_^ Still, give me the mountains where I live now, where we have other concerns — like wildfires, and volcanoes blowing up at any time. But hey, at least it’s green here… ^_^ There’s nowhere that’s safe from a natural disaster. It’s all a matter of pick your poison.

      We’re hopefully gonna get rain in the next couple of days. That should help with the fires and the smoke.

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  4. Wow, Willow!! You better stay inside!! No walking to the mailbox! That smoke will be bad for you. I know, I’m not your mother, quit scolding.
    Just concerned!
    Irma is supposed to maybe hit Fl this weekend. We’ll see. We don’t plan to evac, since we live in a block house. Will fill up the tub tho!!
    The weather is just getting crazier, and crazier.
    I’m praying those fired get put out ASAP!!

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    • Stay safe over there. I have a few friends in Florida, so I know about Irma. I have friends in Texas and Mississippi who had to deal with Harvey too. I sure don’t miss hurricanes!

      Stay safe, and get out if you have too! Blocks won’t stop floods! (see, I can scold too. 😛 )

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      • Thanks, Willow, for the love. I promise we will evac, if ordered to. It’s just that, I’ve lived thru hurricanes before, and the roads get totally clogged. I’d rather be in my house, than the van!
        I’m praying for ALL Harvey victims. And all the wildfire victims, out in the West.

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