Sharing my world 9/11/2017

lotterywontchangemeWould you want $200,000 right now or $250,000 in a year? It’s safe to assume all money is tax free.  With that much money (assuming I could keep Douglas from trying to use it for other things), we could pay off our mortgage. I would totally take that right now and pay off our mortgage. That would free up the monthly payments to pay off everything else that’s hanging over our heads so we can save up and push our plans rebuild this house that’s falling apart around us ahead a few years.  Right now, we might be falling through the floors with the place before we have enough money to rebuild.

I love my husband, but in my eyes, he seems so short sighted when it comes to these things. I know he says that he has long term plans, but as far as I can tell, he’s throwing good money after bad.  But hey, what do I know? There might be a method to his madness and I’m just not seeing it. Wouldn’t be the first time. ^_^ Love you, Douglas! (He reads this blog) If I had my druthers (pertaining to the question), I’d totally take the lower amount now and pay off the mortgage. That puts money in our pocket every month so we can move forward on building our dream home.  It ain’t much of a dream home, but it’s ours, dammit.

It-is-what-it-isIs it more important to love or be loved?  Love is such a nebulous emotion.  It’s not something someone can reach out and touch and say, “ah, there it is.”  There’s such a wide range of love — a parent’s love, the love of a significant other, a sibling’s love. I’m pretty certain my pets adore me.  Do my kids love me the same way I love them? Probably not. Do I love my pets the same way they love me, again, probably not. And I will bet the house that chocolate and coffee do not return the utter devotion I bestow upon them — given the havoc chocolate wrecks upon my body when I devour it. >_<  To love or be loved? I dunno.

It’s all a matter of when, where, and how much. I’ve been a victim of unrequited and unwanted “love” and I’ve loved someone who didn’t love me back — more than once. I think that love is just… I dunno… involuntary. We don’t chose who we fall in love with, and we don’t chose who we love. We don’t wake up every morning and say, “Today I’m going to love this, that, and the other thing.”  It’s just there. Like air. So, to me, it’s not important whom we love or who loves us… it’s more important the actions that are taken when that love becomes known.

howispendmoneyList things that represent abundance to you. Bleh, I don’t do lists.  Food, clothing, shelter.  That’s all I need really. Anything that goes beyond that is a form of abundance. This internet connection I’m using to communicate with you, dear reader, is a symbol of affluence — a measure that we as a society have gone beyond the need of fending for ourselves. The computer I’m writing this blog also symbolizes that very abundance. That and the fact that even people in poverty here in the states have access to some kind of computer shows that we are a rich nation. The dog sitting beside me is is another mark of abundance. I don’t need to worry about feeding only myself, I can afford to feed and care for pets — pets that serve no other purpose than to be there for me. They’re not guardians, they don’t hunt for me. They’re just… there. They are technically superfluous and a waste of resources — and I have four of them! I’m rolling in riches! Ha!

The fact that we — you and I — can communicate through writing is abundance beyond measure and something most people take for granted. Writing (and therefore reading), unlike talking, is not instinctual, it must be learned. Which means we have to take time from surviving to learn it. Any literate society is a richer society by default because it has the resources to take people away from the day to day survival and teach them to read and write.  When you have a society that has as many books and authors as we do… well that’s just a plethora of abundance — abundance redundancy. ^_^

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

…Look for the helpers. There will always be helpers.  It’s as true now as it’s always been.


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