Just for fun – purses

So, Melinda over at purpleslobinrecovery cleaned out her purse the other day and she wrote a funny blog post about it.  I told her my secret to a clean purse and she asked that I share (don’t believe me? read her comments).

So here goes… I have three purses that I use regularly…  I have my everyday purse that I use for going out and about. I picked this up at a thrift store in New Mexico about five years ago when I needed something that wasn’t a giant purse.  It’s kinda perfect for when I only need my wallet, keys and other paraphernalia.


For light loads

Then there’s my old faithful for when I’m working on a knitting and/or crocheting project. It’s big enough to hold anything short of a blanket (depending on how far along I am in the blanket), and it’s got a wide strap that’s pretty comfortable.  The plastic strap holders broke years and years ago, so I had to sew the strap to the purse, meaning it’s not adjustable anymore, but I found a good strap length and it’s served me well. I’ve had this purse for coming on ten years now, and I’ve mended it a lot.  It’s got pockets for pens and pockets for phones, and when I was in college, it was pretty great for keeping the smaller books in.


For projects – it’s a little dusty

Then there’s the tried and true messenger bag that I carried when I was in college. I bought it about the same time as the previous purse, maybe a little afterwards. I carry this one whenever I need to tote around a lot of paperwork or if I need to carry a laptop. The previous one was built to carry a laptop too, but this one hugs the body so it’s easier on my back. It’s got all kinds of pockets for pens and extras. The reason why I’ve kept it around for so long is that it’s very well made and I haven’t had to repair a thing on it. Okay, again, the plastic strap thingies broke and I had to sew the handle to the bag itself — what is it with plastic strap thingies? I dunno. Oh, and I had to fix the zipper. But for a bag that’s nearly 10 years old, it’s holding up pretty damned well.

messenger bag

For paperwork n stuff

So my secret for keeping them clean is that I have this insert I made about five or six years ago when I still had my sewing machine out and used it all the time. I bought the pattern from someone on eBay… I don’t even remember who… and sewed it up. It actually took me several days because I must have misunderstood the instructions and I kept getting frustrated and giving up for the day (I totally blame brain fog) but I got it done eventually and here it is:

insert back

Insert front

insert front

Insert back & top

Anyway, I keep my essentials in the insert and just move them from one purse to the other. Everything else gets put away or thrown away — or stays in the purse. For example each of the big purses has a fan and extra pens (because you can never have too many pens). And they both have a canvas bag in case I need a canvas bag. I can’t fit a canvas bag into the little purse. I know, I’ve tried. ^_^ When I was taking pictures of the purses today I found about three recipes but that’s it. But the essentials — these —


Essentiels pour moi.

they go in the insert and get moved from bag to bag.  It makes keeping bag clean way easier.  So, that’s wallet, sunglasses, comb, pens and notepad (in case I need to write something down), inhaler (for obvious reasons), spare change, and a fold up knife — in case I come across any packages that need opening. ^_^  Worry not, I leave the fold up knife in the car if I’m going anywhere secure.  The insert also holds my phone (used to take the picture) and my keys — which are on a hook next to the door.   Anyway, it all fits in the insert and the insert goes into the purse of my choosing. As you can see… it just fits into the everyday purse. But hey, it fits. And that’s all that counts. ^_^

tight fit

So that’s my just for fun post for today. Nothing earth shattering or deep and meaningful. I just thought I’d share something completely trivial about my life. hope you enjoyed. 🙂





13 thoughts on “Just for fun – purses

    1. Willow Post author

      Mine used to carry everything but the kitchen sink, then I realized I didn’t have kids anymore and didn’t need to tote all that stuff around. I still have the habit of hording napkins though. ^_^

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    What a great idea. I got an insert for a purse that wasn’t working for me and turned it into a perfect camera bag.

    ALL my working bags are Baggallini with every possible compartment anyone could want. At most, my bag has a few receipts I need to dump, but otherwise, everything is where it belongs. What a relief after all those years of having a giant tote full of EVERYTHING. They were so heavy, they felt like they needed wheels.

    To actually design an insert, is totally cool. You could sell those! No really, you could. Everyone has bags they love but which don’t have compartments they need.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. the20somethingexistentialcrisis

    … we have the same albuterol inhaler lol.

    I got this giant Vera Bradley to hold my laptop and books when I started grad school. Now it is my purse. Four years and going. Definitely getting my money’s worth.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Willow Post author

    Same with the messenger bag. I bought it when I started college back when and it’s served me well since. I looked at Vera Bradley bags because the store had a bunch of them, but none of them caught my eye, and they were expensive.

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  4. Embeecee

    Bowing in utter awe and saying (over and over) I’m not WORTHY… heh heh heh. What a fantastic idea! You could (if you were of a mind) make some of those inserts (in different fabrics) and sell them and I BET you’d get cleaned out right quick. You could charge a lot too, because innovation should be its own reward IMHO… wow. You & M (purpleslob) are getting mentioned in a post of mine own. I have purse stories and the Universe at large is telling me (apparently) now is the time to share them! Thanks for sharing YOURS! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Willow Post author

      I can’t really sell them because they’re someone else’s pattern. It’s a grey area really. And it took me days — almost a week– to finish that one… I’d never turn a profit.

      Liked by 1 person

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