Smoke is in the air

It’s getting a little hazy out there again today. I’ve been having trouble breathing all week long, but today is really a doozy.  I think my lungs have had just about enough of all the ash and smoke that I’ve been forcing them to breathe these past few weeks, but what can I do? We don’t have an air conditioner and it’s been hot for the most part (it’s cool today).  That means the windows are open in my house, so we get smoke particles. Not as much as if I were sitting outside all day, but some.  I’m whistling and wheezing like I was in New Mexico. Bleh. Well they say it should be cleared up by tonight. So we’ll see.

On the plus side, my guts aren’t giving me as much grief these days — so that’s good.

Oh, look what I got for my birthday (which was last month).

ive got a shotgun

That there is a mug from one of my favorite Youtubers by the name of Gopher. See, whenever I don’t have the energy to play video games, I like to watch other people play video games.  The way I see it, watching other people play on YouTube isn’t much different than watching television and it’s far less irritating because I don’t have to put up with corporate shenanigans and bad writing.  It also gives me a chance to see games that I’ll probably never play, like ever. Horror games like Until Dawn and weird games that were all the rage like Dream Daddy.  Yeah, never gonna play those, but it was fun watching other people play them and seeing their different play styles. Even reading the comments about how to play them “right”.  There are a few people who are very good at what they call “Let’s Play…” videos. This dude is one of them. It helps that he has a good voice, or as Douglas puts it, “I hear the dulcet tones of Gopher”.  Anyway, I bought this cup (or had Douglas buy it for me for my birthday) because I simply can’t afford to be someone’s patron on Patreon, and buying merchandise is my humble way of supporting one of my favorite YouTubers.

This clip explains the slogan on the cup — the game he’s playing is Fallout New Vegas. His character’s name is Jack. That’s who’s on the cup/t-shirt.

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