It’s all about the questions

Embecee over at sparksfromacombustablemind posted these questions with her answers which were, as usual very entertaining and insightful. She got the questions from a blogger I don’t follow, Brian Lageose and they can be found here.

So, without further ado,  I shall answer these interesting questions.

cant stand people1. You walk into a grocery store, glance at the checkout lines, and realize there are more people queued up than voted in the last national election. Do you turn right around and flee or do you buck it up and suffer humanity for the next three hours?  It depends on how urgently I need what I came in for.  I’m good for standing in line for a little while, but if what I came in for was something trivial, I’m out. However, if I’m, like, out of eggs and want to do some baking (because sometimes I really need to bake — it’s a thing) then I’ll totally stand in line to buy eggs because yeah they need to be bought and I’d rather stand in line where I am than deal with parking again.  Dealing with assholes in parking lots (car parks for those not from the USA) piss me off way more than standing in line ever will. I’m not even kidding.

2. You are driving your car, approaching an intersection with a 4-way stop at the exact same time that the other three cars are arriving. Do you politely let the other three figure out their lives or do you gun it through? So, yeah, I will wait for a few seconds and see what the other three do. If the other people wait forever, then I’ll take the risk and go through. I hardly ever “gun it” because I’ve seen too many accidents of people gunning it through a four way stop.

3. You are hosting a weekend family reunion. As your relatives tumble out of bed in the morning, wiping sleep out of their eyes and slowly preparing for the biscuits-and-gravy breakfast that you have promised to make, you suddenly realize that the milk expired five days ago. It smells okay, but still, five days ago. Do you make the gravy anyway and keep your mouth shut, or do you fess up and face the disappointment backlash?  Yeah, expiration dates are not “This product will go bad on this date. Don’t you dare eat/drink this after this date!” warnings.  They’re basically “This product will be better if you sell it before this date” guidelines.  The stores are supposed to pull the product by that date. The date is there more for the retailer, not the consumer. Five days? Pffft. So long as the milk smells and tastes good, I’m fine with using it.

4. If the doorbell rings and you are not expecting anyone, do you answer? Why wouldn’t I?  I’m old school. I’m not saying I’ll invite them in for coffee and cake, but I’ll answer the door.

5. If you realize that the bill your waitress just handed you has an error in your favor, do you bring it to her attention?  I will and have.  If the till at the end of the day is wrong, it comes out of someone’s paycheck, and I don’t want to be the reason why that happens. So if I can prevent that, I will totally prevent it.

6. You are visiting the home of a good friend for the first time, and you have the urge to tinkle. Whilst attending to such, you discover that the toilet bowl is wretchedly filthy, and it has clearly been that way for a while. Does this affect your friendship?  Nope, no affect at all. Some people just don’t see the mess. I have some very good friends whose bathrooms get pretty grody, but they’re decent people.  The state of their commode doesn’t change the fact that they’re decent people.

escape_key7. Have you ever lied about the performance of a sexual partner?  Yes. Yes I have. But I was young and naive and thought we were supposed to stroke the male ego. I soon learned that nothing was gained from lying and stopped.

8. Have you ever been lied to about your own performance?  I dunno. I didn’t generally ask for a progress report about my “performance”.  “Was it good for you, baby?” What is this? a bad porno? Please. And if someone did lie to me over the thirty some odd years of my being sexually active, well too bad so sad for them. I certainly don’t remember it, so it must not have been a great time to begin with. Doesn’t really matter now, I’m happy with my husband, and he with me. ^_^

9. Do you sing along with the radio when others aren’t around? Do you sing when others are around? I do. I’m not a good singer, but I enjoy singing. I sing all the time. Well, I used to when my lungs let me. Now I’ll start singing and end up coughing. So yeah, the world is a quieter place in my house these days.

10. Do you ever reach the midpoint of a questionnaire and think “why in the hell am I still reading these questions instead of doing something more important?”  Not really.  I like answering questions, and I usually do these when I have nothing better to do.

obstacles11. If life gives you lemons, do you throw them back with a vengeance or make the stupid lemonade and pretend to be happy?  I like lemons. I eat them.  I don’t throw them — the waste of a perfectly good lemon — nor do I make lemonade from them.  Okay, sometimes I make lemonade. Because I like lemonade, and for no other reason. But seriously, it depends on whatever life throws at me. Sometimes I grit my teeth and call it a smile. Other times I just deal with it and move on. And sometimes I’m just left raging at the hopelessness of it all.  Because not every problem (lemon) is the same, you know? I just have to take one thing at a time and work with whatever life throws at me.

12. Would you rather have one glowing, heartfelt comment on one of your blog posts, or have 200 people click “like” with no comments? I’d rather have comments. Likes are nice but I feel that a lot of people “like” blog posts without reading them.  Having said that, I’ve liked blog posts that I read because I couldn’t think of anything to say.  So there’s that.

13. Have you ever deleted a comment on one of your posts?  I have. I get spam all of the time. Why should I leave it on my blog?

14. Have you ever commented on someone else’s post simply because you felt compelled to do so rather than wanting to do so?  I think everyone gets that compulsion every once in awhile.

15. Have you ever watched a movie that is worshipped by everyone you know, yet at the end of the viewing you thought “well, that was a total crapfest”? Be bold, name the movie. I didn’t really like The Dark Knight, but everyone else thought it was the bee’s knees.  To be honest, I find most movies predictable and kinda boring. Hopefully I don’t sound tedious saying that, but since my early 30’s I’ve been hard pressed to find movies entertaining. Oh, there’ve been a few, but for the most part, they’ve been the same ol’ same ol’.

I-am-who-I-want-to-be16. If you could turn back time, at what age would you reset the dial? Like Embeecee, about 21, so long as I could keep my knowledge and wisdom. My brain thinks I’m 21 anyway. Too bad my body doesn’t agree. ^_^

17. Name one book that you have read at least five times. Pornographic novels do not qualify. I’ve read the Mercy Thomas series (11 books at this writing) at least five times. And I only name this series because it’s the most recent.  When I get in the mood to read. I read. And I can read a book a day, sometimes two.

18. Would you rather be given the time and opportunity to read the 100 greatest books ever written, or would you prefer to have one of your own books on that list yet never be able to read the other 99? Define “greatest”.  Who sets the rules of what are the greatest books ever written? I’ve seen lists all over teh interwebs of the 100 greatest book of all time and they don’t always match. It’s purely subjective. And! having been an English major, I don’t often agree with the canon classic list of “great” books. I really don’t. Some of them are classically awful. I have the time and opportunity (being disabled) to read whatever book I want, whenever I want.  People can keep their “greatest”


19. Do you feel peace and serenity in a cemetery or are you uncomfortable and want to leave as soon as possible? Cemeteries are quiet and peaceful and I love walking through them. I have no problems walking through them and have had picnics in them before.

20. Have any of the preceding questions given you just a nudge of inspiration about a future blog post? Because really, that’s where I was headed.  Maybe. I’m tired today (hence the short answers), I’ll probably revisit on a later day when I’m more here and see.

And there you have it. Only 20 questions. Not my normal two paragraph answers, but I’m tired today. Drained. The whole breathing thing you know. I have things I really need to do but just getting off of the couch is such an effort. Blah. Hope you enjoyed anyway. Catch y’all later. 🙂

7 thoughts on “It’s all about the questions

  1. Embeecee

    BWAHAHAHAHAH #4…..Who is Sebastian Whoever and how does he know what I do when somebody rings my doorbell? That “WTF! Who IS that?” bit is right on the money… Oh I’ll laugh all day! Thanks for sharing! 😀


    1. Willow Post author

      It’s what I thought of when I saw the question. I have a security camera so I can see anyone driving down our driveway. Plus I have a fenced yard with three dogs in it. I hardly ever get surprised by company. ^_^ I mean, it would have to be late at night (when the dogs are inside) after I’m in my room for anyone to walk up to the door unseen and unannounced.


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  3. Marilyn Armstrong

    Interesting questions and answers. I was bemused that for you, having to park again made standing in line more or less viable. It brought back the REAL reason we moved out of Boston: PARKING. We never worry about parking anymore. It’s a dream come true!


    1. Willow Post author

      This town is growing fast and parking is pretty awful. It’s going from a small, rural town to a sleeper town close to a bigger city (which used to be a suburb).

      But even in the big city, I hate dealing with assholes in parking lots. I’d rather park further away and walk to the store than deal with the idiots trying to park as close as possible and not paying attention to what the hell they’re doing.



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