My loony hypothesis

So, every now and then, a quiz will pop up on my facespace with a title along the lines of Can we guess X by you doing Y? And I’ll usually go, “Why not? It sounds like fun.” and take the quiz. The quiz usually has limited, multiple choice answers (mine are usually “none of the above” which isn’t often offered) so their guess is often of the “Close, but no cigar” variety.  Still, it passes the time.


So here’s my hypothesis… what if the companies who are putting out these quizzes are secretly building an Artificial Intelligence design software, and gathering information via these quizzes to build their super AI database to figure out how the human mind thinks?  Don’t ask me how it all works under the hood, but it suddenly occurred to me the other day that this would be the perfect data-gathering device. I mean, it just makes sense that they could take the information from all of these quizzes, and all of the answers in the comments — whether the guesses were right or wrong — and used them to build their super AI mainframe.  Ha! I’m on to their game!


I’ll keep taking their quizzes though, because hey, I’ve got nothing against Artificial Intelligence. ^_^  Though I can’t guarantee that they won’t use it for nefarious purposes. So there you have it, my loony conspiracy hypothesis. It popped into my head yesterday when I was doing one of the quizzes (that was actually right for a change), and it all made sense. Kinda. Maybe. You be the judge. ^_^


7 thoughts on “My loony hypothesis

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Actually, they are ALL building up masses of sales data to sell to data mining companies. I used to work at a data mining company, or more to the point, a company that created the tools used for data mining. ALL those quizzes are looking for material they can use to sell you products or which others can use to sell you products. I don’t think these particular ones are intended for AI companies, but they probably will be eventually — if they aren’t already.

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