Breathing weirdness

blinkSo, today is one of those I’m just gonna sit here and breathe days. Like, just sitting here, breathing, is taking up most of my energy, My eyes are doing this whole watery and runny while at the same time dry and itchy thing, and it’s annoying as anything. I have the beginnings of a sinus headache which I hopefully cut off with some Excedrin™  because I so don’t need a migraine (my sinus headaches often turn into migraines) but here’s the weird part…

I smell gas. Like that sulfur smell one smells when the pilot light is out on the stove. I can even taste it it’s so strong… Why is that weird? Because we don’t have anything that’s gas. There’s no gas line out this way at all. Like anywhere near where we live. I researched this before when we started looking into rebuilding our house. If we want to put a gas stove and/or water heater in, it’ll have to be propane with a tank because there’s no gas line in this area of town.  So why the hell am I smelling gas? It also seems like it could be smoke from an electrical fire (which smells different than smoke from a wood fire), but I waddled outside and couldn’t see any discernable smoke. It’s making my head hurt.

Maybe my sinuses are just being weird because I’m sick… but with the not breathing and the eye itching, the weird smells are just the icing on the cake. Here’s hoping the migraine stays away. Blah.

5 thoughts on “Breathing weirdness

  1. Embeecee

    Dog gas can take on many covert disguises…yep. Blame the dogs. Unless you start seeing physical signs that something electric is ‘hot’ and then…well maybe you can apologize to them. 😉 Feel better soon! 😦

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    1. Willow Post author

      Thanks… Poptart is a gassy little guy, but I think I found the culprit and it wasn’t him. I’m pretty sure it’s the cat litter (it’s the stuff made of corn… I’m still smelling it) and my sniffer was off about it for awhile.

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