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So, I stopped eating gluten for about six weeks and I felt a bit better, but that could have been explained by the meds I am taking (Pepcid AC, and Prilosec). Yes, I’m still taking them, because when I stop taking them, the pains in my stomach come back.  I’ve done some research and from what I’ve been able to figure out, I may have to take them and eat a bland-ish diet for maybe a year — some people have had to go for two years. The doctors don’t recommend taking them long term, but damn, I don’t want to be in pain.

Anyway, back to the gluten. So I stopped eating gluten and noticed that I was feeling a little better. Nothing to write home about, but a little better. The way elimination diets work is that you eliminate the culprit for a certain amount of time then introduce it back.

So I started eating gluten again. Just for a day or two… maybe three.

Yeah, it did a number to my guts. It’s like, “Oh light isn’t so bad… until it’s shining in your face.” I ate a little for a day and felt… I dunno, a little gassy and bleh. So I upped the ante and ate about double what I was eating, and boy oh boy was that a mistake. Cramps and gas and all kinds of IBS stuff for days.


Handy reference

So it looks like gluten free is the way to go for me. Which kinda sucks because I’ve already given up so much diet-wise. I mean I gave up tomatoes a long time ago, and in conjunction, all other things nightshade.  Then it was onions and garlic because they’re, like my number one gas givers  even though I love the taste of onion and I really love garlic. But yeah, they don’t seem to like me very much at all.  Giving up broccoli was easy ^_^ but some of the other leafy greens… not so much. Now I drink my veggies in pre-made smoothies because I lack the equipment and the energy to make my own. Yes, I check the ingredients to make sure they’re not packed with sugar and other stuff. Anyway, my current diet is pretty limited, and now it seems I have to either severely cut back on the gluten or give it up altogether.


I know the difference

See, I’m not allergic to any of that stuff that I listed.  None of it will send me to the hospital in shock or anything like that.  I can eat it and come out the other end relatively unscathed. I mean if the mood takes me, I’ll totally have a slice of pizza — complete with tomato sauce, cheese, big puffy gluten filled bread-like crust (I’m not a thin-crust pizza person), with onions and peppers and all kinds of sausages that have onions and peppers in them… I can totally eat like, one slice. And I’ll probably be okay. But if I go hog wild and eat two slices or more, then I’ll pay dearly for it. Like, pain for days. We’re talking, rolled in a fetal position asking myself if it was worth the twenty minutes of pleasure for this much pain kind of pain. Like a food hangover in the guts. (Yes, yes it was. I like pizza.) Okay, maybe not that much, which is why I’d limit it to one slice… maybe. Ha! Anyway, I’m totally not allergic to any food, the word is “intolerant”. My body doesn’t like it and reacts badly to eating too much of it. Since I try to avoid pain whenever possible. I avoid things that bring pain to my body, and the line is so paper thin sometimes… Hence the severely limited diet.

So, now I know that gluten is one of those things. I’m almost positive I don’t have celiac disease, just sensitive guts. And a rebellious body that’s getting crankier every year. Eventually I’ll be down to sipping green tea and eating melba toast. Gluten free of course.  Stupid body.

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7 thoughts on “The gluten experiment

  1. purpleslobinrecovery

    Aw, Willow. I’m so sorry. 😦 I have gone back to the dear old familiar pain of eating the gluten, anyway! I have both, true allergies, and intolerancies. Is that a word?? The bully red squiggly line says no, but I beg to disagree!!
    Yes, of course the pizza is worth the pain!! Otherwise, we wouldn’t eat it!! (Would we??)

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  2. Embeecee

    😦 But thanks for providing information that may well be useful to others who are wending the same convoluted and irritating path as you…. my ‘trigger’ appears to be dairy products — and now I know I’m probably slightly intolerant of them, not allergic to them (never thought that btw)…the gas, bloating and fun involving being near a toilet at all times for a while occur when I eat more than a small portion of dairy (including cottage cheese which I love and which pisses me off because it’s one food I CAN have on the diabetic torture diet), ice cream maybe a very small scoop and milk…maybe a cup at a time. It’s doable, but it sure ain’t fun is it? And we’re not even going to get into the noodle incident 😉 BWAHAHAHAHHA …

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    1. Willow Post author

      I love cottage cheese too. ^_^ Luckily, I’m cool with most dairy, but like you it has to be in moderation. Like a serving a day, and no more.

      The less said about the noodle incident, the better. hehehee

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