Sharing my world 10/23/17

Was school easy or difficult for you? How so? 


I guess it’s “grade school” now

Er… which school? Like a person goes to many schools in their lifetime, from grammar school through graduate school (if they go that far) and each level is varying degrees of difficulty. I mean, grammar school (K – 6 grade) — what I remember of it — was a breeze.  Right up until about sixth grade, then my Dyscalculia kicked in and I started having trouble with the Maths. My sister and I repeated sixth grade, not because of bad grades, but because my teacher insisted that we “weren’t mature enough” to move on to junior high. Probably because we were being bullied by one of the other students in class and we cried — a lot. But hey, it happens. Anyway, that’s also about the time my eyesight started going and about the time I started getting migraines. But until sixth grade, I had no problems with grammar school.

Junior high (grades 7, 8, & 9) wasn’t so bad. I got into my first (and only) fist fight, in eight grade (I think). Made my first (and only) mortal enemy — aside from the psycho ex — who hated me for years and to this day I’m not sure why we hated each other, but yeah, we did. Hormones I guess.  I was suspended for fighting, and that was my only suspension too.  And because of all of this, I was known to the vice principle as “the evil twin”. One of the benefits of having an identical twin and a mortal enemy I guess. But I had friends and they had my back. It wasn’t the best of times, it wasn’t the worst of times, and I didn’t have to take the hard Maths yet. I excelled in all things English though. It was in junior high that I found my love of the English language.

mantle books



High school (grades 10-12)… well, what can one say about high school? I dropped out after my junior year (grade 11) and got married. I struggled with all things Math, and had to take every Math class twice. Science classes gave me troubles too. They didn’t know about Dyscalculia back then, only Dyslexia — so I was labelled as “not trying” and “lazy” though I struggled with it every day. “We know she’s smart enough to do it, but she’s just not trying.” was what they told my mom.  “She rushes through the tests, she should slow down and take her time.”  Which was true, I did, because if I took my time and checked my answers, I’d totally get the wrong answers, at least if I got it over quickly, I’d have a better chance of getting the right answers. But I digress.

purple because aliens

How I see all Math problems

Maths notwithstanding, high school wasn’t great, nor was it terrible. I wasn’t a reject, nor was I popular. I had friends, and they had me. I did okay in most classes that didn’t have Math involved, and I excelled in all things English. I was in the Drama club, and I took Drama and Chorus. I did well in those classes until I had an argument with the instructor, then he flunked me for the year (because he was a prima donna) .  Other than that… eh. It was school.

College… Since I didn’t graduate High School, I went to a community college and got my Associate’s Degree. Community college is much like high school plus, except you pay to go, and pay for your books, and pay for everything else. But the classes are the same, and the students are still wet behind the ears.  I was older than most of the other students since I didn’t attend college until after my first divorce (I was in my thirties) so it was something of an experience. Life happened and I didn’t go to a university until I was in my 40’s which means I didn’t see graduate school until mid forties.  By then, I’d seen a lot of life, so grad school didn’t phase me as much as it did a lot of my colleagues. I guess I wrote all of this to say that while school wasn’t easy for me, it wasn’t exactly difficult either. I just… went… and finished. And that was it.

List some of your favorite types of animals.


I’m just contrary, I suppose

Bleh, argh. I hate “favorites” questions. And I hate making “lists” I like all animals. Maybe not equally, but every little animal on this Earth serves a purpose so it’s not my place to put one above the other.  While I prefer that most remain outside doing what they do to keep the ecosystem going, I don’t really have favorites.

I love my furbabies. But does that mean I favor dogs and cats above all other animals? No, not really. I have dogs and cats because I like company and they happen to be the two animals that are acceptable to keep as pets in our society. Had we — over the millennia — domesticated chimpanzees to the point that dogs have been domesticated I’d probably have a chimpanzee.  Or maybe a wolverine, or hey, a sloth… They’re kind of cool. But none of those have been domesticated to the point of dogs and cats. So I have dogs and cats. And I do enjoy their company. And the dogs make good alarm systems if nothing else.

Should a fox come up and decide it loves me out of all other humans/animals in the world and want to be my friend — and it learns to not eat my chickens (metaphorically) nor poop in my house (literally), I’d enjoy its company too.

space needle

Current big city

What is your favorite large city you have been to? What is the one thing you remember most? 

Le sigh, another “favorite” question.  I’ve been to several big cities, and there isn’t one that stands out above the others. They all have their charm. I’ve been to, I dunno, most of the major cities in the USA.  Some of them, I’ve been to — as in I’ve visited them for some reason or another — others I’ve been through — as in I’ve driven through them to get to somewhere else. I’ve even lived in a few big cities on both coasts for short periods of time.  Right now I live close to Seattle, but I’ve lived in Seattle. And I’ve lived in and around a few other cities… But seriously, big cities aren’t that huge of a deal. Big buildings, a ton of people, and a lot of noise — yawn.

Oh, sure they all have their different feel and vibe. I mean Portland is way different than New York City and NYC is way different than Atlanta will ever be, but so what?  The tiny town I live in is way different than the tiny town I lived in in Mississippi. Anywhere you go is gonna be different than the place you left. There will be similarities — I live in a house with walls around me, a floor under my feet, and a roof over my head — but it’s not the same house I lived in before. I don’t have a favorite house out of the over 30 dwellings I’ve lived in during my lifetime. And I don’t have a favorite city. I think they’re all unique and honestly my mind just doesn’t work that way.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

Most of what I’ve done this week is concentrate on breathing. I’m glad I got through the week doing that. 🙂


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