Epiphany… I had one

So, yesterday I was watching Youtube — because that’s what I do when I can’t breathe — and for some reason or another, this guy’s video showed up on my recommended list.  I have no idea why, I have never shown any interest in archery, but there it was. But the title of the video was vaguely interesting – Why Do Olympic Archers Swing Their Bows? so I thought, “Why not?” and I watched it. And the video was pretty interesting too.  So I thought I’d watch a couple of more.  So I watched this video about mistakes basic archers make, because why not?



Anyway, what does this have to do with my epiphany? Well, way back in my high school days, we had archery lessons.  I remember them clearly because I never hit the target. Like, maybe once and that’s because I consciously adjusted my aim down and to the right. However at timestamp 2:43 of the above video, this guy explains that most beginners don’t compensate for the distance between the arrow and the eye.  My instructor never told me that.  Like never explained it to me. I just always thought my aim was awful.  For decades I’ve been pointing at things way off because I’ve just never compensated for the distance between my eye and my finger.

So simple. And I could have figured it out decades ago if my instructor in high school had taken two minutes to point it out.  I mean… I might not have bad aim at all. I just might have been stupid in the way I was aiming all this time.


And that was my epiphany.  I know, it wasn’t earth shaking but my “bad aim” is something that has been, like a core part of me for decades and something I’ve just accepted about myself forever.  And some random video I watched at age 51 revealed that I probably don’t have bad aim, I’ve just been aiming wrong all this time. I mean, that’s something to think about and consider.  I’ve been shooting rubberbands at a fan across the room and I hit it every time. So simple! grrrr. When I think about it, I never had a problem with things like playing pool or throwing paper in a wastebasket, only when I point and shoot.

Isn’t it funny, how our mind holds us back when we believe certain things? I’m pretty sure that most people subconsciously compensate for the difference between their eye and their hand when they point at things, but nope, not me. I’ve been pointing at nothing for decades. Now I can only shake my head at my dumbness. Well, now I know. And knowing, as they say, is half the battle. ^_^

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