Sharing my world 11/20/17

If you were having difficulty on an important test and could safely cheat by looking at someone else’s paper, would you do so? A-yep. I will totally cheat on tests if I can get away with it. Why? Because standardized tests — any testing really — is not a good way to show one’s knowledge of a subject.  Hell, I took an accounting “test” for a job and passed it with flying colors. I know next to nothing about accounting. Just the basics really. I took my basic knowledge and paired that with my, what used to be, excellent test taking skills and aced that test. They were ready to put me in an accounting position based on that test alone. No way. No how was I qualified to be an accountant in any way, shape, or form. Passing a test of any kind means nothing. So yeah, I’ll totally cheat because I don’t believe in what tests represent. All that being said, the problem with looking at someone else’s paper and copying their answer is, they might have the wrong answer too. So I usually don’t look at someone else’s paper. Because what do they know? In the end, if I was having trouble with a test, I’d probably guess… better a wrong answer than none at all.

In all fairness, there were times when I did glance at other’s papers, see they had the wrong answer, and remember the right answer… so there’s that. ^_^


Calvin and Hobbes

In a non-sequitur I also download cheat mods for my Skyrim game (the Leveler’s Tower is my fav so far) and use console commands when I’m in a tight spot.  Fallout 4 too. And hell, if I can find a way to get through any game I’ve played where there are low level “grindy” parts, I’m all for that. I don’t mind playing games that have level systems, I’m all for leveling up and getting on with getting on, but if the entire first ten levels are just so the player can “git gud” then what’s the point? The game only becomes “fun” for me after a certain level and so why not try and get to that level as quickly as possible? It’s my game, I’ll play it how I like. crimes guardThere are purists out there who flip their lids knowing that these cheat mods exist and that these console commands are there, but me? Screw that noise.  I’m 51 years old. I’ve played this game for coming on three years now, I don’t have the time or patience to grind through the lower levels. I wanna have fun. It’s a single player game, and if I can get to a level where my character isn’t dying every five minutes (that’s a bit of an exaggeration in case y’all didn’t recognize it), then yeah, I’m gonna totally cheat. But seriously, cheat mods ain’t no thing.  It’s like cheating at solitaire, the only person I’m “cheating” is myself.

What things in nature do you find most beautiful? Have you ever been so high up in the mountains that you’re looking down on the clouds?  I have. It’s beautiful. Our house is among the clouds, but not quite high enough to look down on them.  There isn’t much in this world that I don’t find beautiful.  I tend to see beauty where others see mundane, but that’s okay. I like my weird outlook on life. I’m cool with it. Bodily fluids are kinda gross. I can do without looking at those for the rest of my life.  With three dogs and a cat though, I think that’s not gonna happen.


A thing of beauty…

But this touches on a tiny pet peeve of mine — everything in the world is “in nature” there is nothing outside of “nature”. The keyboard I’m typing on, despite its being plastic, is still natural. Just as all things are made of chemicals, then all things are natural. So if I’m looking at, say, the statue of David, or the Hoover Dam, it is still a work of nature, created by a human (or humans).  Humankind is also a part of the natural world, being, you know, mammals. How can whatever we create be outside of nature? We’re not gods, you know. We don’t create something from nothing. I know I’m being pedantic here; but when people talk of things being “natural” they tend to lump them as “good” and all other things are therefore “not as good” as their natural counterparts. It just makes me twitch.

Complete this sentence: When I travel I love to… drive.  Just drive.  I don’t “travel” in the traditional sense where one has an itinerary — a plan, a budget, a timeline and a sense of when to get there and when to get back.  I was a nomad in days gone by. I got tired of where I was and just took off to somewhere vague. Like Holly Golightly I’d go somewhere because, “I’ve never been there before.” and that’s good enough for me. I moved to Albuquerque New Mexico (USA) the first time because that’s where Bugs Bunny always forgets to turn left.


And what better reason does one need than that? ^_^  I lived there for a while then moved again. Traveling was in my blood. It’s what I did. Everything I owned, I could pack into my car. Whichever car I owned at the time.  But those days are passed me now, and I’m settled down with the hubster, setting down roots and settling in for the long haul. 🙂 I don’t travel much these days because the body doesn’t let me anymore, and the hubster just ain’t the travelin’ kind.

What inspired you or what did you appreciate this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

So, last Friday I thought to myself, I said, “Self, you’ve been on these stomach meds for about three months now. Surely that’s enough time to have healed whatever ails you. Maybe you can go off of them.” After all, one is only supposed to taken for 14 days (I forget which one). So I stopped taking the stomach meds — the Pepcid AC & Prilosec.

dont trust my gutThat was a big mistake. BIG mistake.  It only took two days for my gut to explain to me, in painful detail, just how much those meds were keeping me pain free. I am in so much pain right now. I started taking the meds again, but they don’t work right away. It’ll be at least another day before they start working again. However, this little experiment really did make me appreciate all of the time I’ve been relatively pain free while taking them.  I also appreciate the fact that they’re available over the counter so we can buy them without having to go to the doctor. So much easier.

By the way, I did talk to my doctor about this when I saw her. She suggested I see a gastroenterologist, but right now, we have crappy insurance and I just don’t think we’re covered for it. Hopefully when Doug gets hired at the company he’s contracting with right now, we’ll have better insurance and I can see if a trip to the specialist is in the cards.

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4 thoughts on “Sharing my world 11/20/17

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Thanks for your honesty. I did a lot of subtle cheating in high school, especially for math … a subject I was pretty sure was not going to figure big in my later adult life. Ironically, it did … but the thing was, I had learned enough to do what I needed to do anyway. I wasn’t bad at DOING the math. I was bad at coming up with the correct numbers. Now that I can use a calculator, I’m fine.

    I’m glad your meds are working. If what you’re taking are anti-acid meds, you probably have an acid problem and the meds you’ll get from your doctor will be essentially the same as what you’re getting over the counter, but stronger. There are a lot of different ones, so if one isn’t quite doing the job, try another. If you’ve got serious acid reflux, it doesn’t usually go away. Not medicating it can end up with you having big holes in your stomach — THAT is how you GET serious ulcers. Not to mention some other things, equally painful and unattractive. I take a lot of acid blockers. I tried doing without them too. I was good for two days, then I was first queasy, then in the “OH GOD MAKE THIS STOP” mode until everything settled back down.

    Generally, if you take medication designed to fix a specific issue — like acid reflux — and it fixes it, that’s the problem. I’m not sure doctors are doing anything more that that either. Not every problem responds to tests and not every result is accurate.

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    1. Willow Post author

      The meds are doing the trick, but I do worry about the long term side effects. For now, I guess it’s more than enough that they take the pain away. I’ll worry about the side effects later.

      As for tests, the only thing they’ve ever done for me is teach me how to take tests. I got pretty good at it for a while. Now, not so much since I don’t have a reason to take tests anymore, but yeah, I could almost always pass a test without really trying.

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