Fearful Questions – answered

As y’all know, I always answer questions I ask. So here are my answers. Enjoy


  • Do you now, or have you ever, looked behind a closed shower curtain before using the bathroom? I do, though I can’t explain why. I know that the possibility of there being someone there is next to nothing, but I’ll still check. Especially if I’m using the bathroom in someone else’s house. As for the picture that asks what my plan is if I find someone? Run I guess. 🙂
  • Do you look in your back seat — or taking it further, under your car — before getting in to drive? This is something I’ve never actually done. Mostly, I guess, because I used to have kids and/or dogs to put in the back seat, so that eliminated the need to look before entering the car. But even when I lived alone, I never felt the need to check the back seat. I guess because my plan has always been to drive into a tree/off a cliff if someone tried to kidnap me in my car. In other words, I plan to take them out with me.
  • Do you have a safety ritual before going to bed at night? i.e. checking the doors, windows, locks, or setting an alarm…  We do have an alarm, but don’t I check to see if it’s on before going to bed. Doug sets the alarm so I’m not always even sure if it’s on or not… I’ve even woken up to find the door unlocked — closed, but unlocked.  Having said that, if I’m feeling particularly uneasy, I might get up and make sure that everything is closed and locked, but it’s not a regular thing.
  • When you leave your house or car, do you check the locks more than once, or are you satisfied that you’ve locked the door the first time?  I’ll check the door once to make sure the lock latched and that’s it.  Even if I hear it lock into place, I’ll jiggle the handle and pull the door to make sure it’s locked. Other than that, I’m good to go.
  • Do you answer your phone if you don’t recognize the number? Why or why not?  I do not. Because I don’t want to deal with bill collectors. Those people are scary.
  • In what setting — urban/suburban/rural — would you feel the least comfortable walking alone? Does the time of day matter?  Rural. Definitely. I’d rather walk down the street in a suburban or urban setting any day of the week, and of course, during the day in business hours when there are more people about. Introvert that I am, I’m of the mindset that more people = safety for me.  I’ve walked lonely rural roads before, and while it’s peaceful and all, I was acutely aware that there was no one around for miles and it just creeped me out.
  • If you found yourself walking alone, would you avoid small groups of suspicious-looking people? How about a singular suspicious looking person?  I don’t avoid them, no. But, I do pay attention to them when I’m walking past them — both the group and the singular person. I’ve found that looks can be deceiving, and just because someone looks suspicious doesn’t mean they are.  One of my best friends in college looked like he was about to punch someone whenever he walked anywhere. That was just his resting bitch face, but no one would approach him because they thought he was just… suspicious and mean.

  • Do you have a plan or way to determine if someone is following you or if someone is just walking behind you? What would you do if someone started following you? I do. I cross the street and start walking the other way. If they follow me across the street and walking the other way, I’ll cross the street and walk in a different direction. If they follow me in that direction, then I’ll be pretty sure that they’re not just going the same way I’m going. Fun fact this happened to me when I was a teenager walking home from school — about five miles. What did I do? I ducked into the local deli and asked to use their phone because someone was following me. This was before the age of cell phones, kiddies. They gladly let me use the phone and I called my mom to come pick me up.  If it happened today, I’d probably do something similar… duck into a local eatery and call my husband to come pick me up.
  • poorpupWhat would you do if you notice the same car driving behind you for a significant period of time?  This has happened to me too. Again, I turned around and started driving in a different direction.  This time, the car just went along their merry way. They just happened to be driving the same way I was. But should someone start following me, I’d probably do the same as if I were walking. Find a public area to go to, or maybe park in the local police station.
  • If you drove up to your house and the front door was standing open though you clearly remember closing and locking it, would you go inside?  Hell no I wouldn’t go inside. I’d call the cops so fast. Which is what I did when this happened to me. No one was there, of course, and nothing was missing from the house.  We never figured out how the door got open, but this is why I check the door at least once after I lock it.
  • What would you do if you drove up to your house and found a stranger there, clearly waiting for you to come home?  This one I don’t have a clear answer to. Because of weird things that have happened in my past, there’s definitely a safety factor to consider here, but on the other hand, it could just be a salesperson. I’d have to assess the situation should it ever arise.
  • Do you have plans in place for emergencies (fire, flood, etc.)? Have you ever had to use them? I have plans. I haven’t had to use most of them (yet), but they’re there.  I had a bug out plan in case I ever ended up in an abusive relationship which I totally used, and I have plans for fire, earthquake, and so on, but the problem with those is that not all fires, earthquakes, floods, &c… happen in the same way and one cannot plan for every contingency.
  • Do empty parking lots/parking garages make you nervous? Empty parking lots? No. Empty parking garages freak me the hell out. Maybe it’s the echos. Maybe it’s because there are so many blind corners. I dunno. But I don’t like parking garages. I never have, and I never will.
  • thumb_fb

    remember this? source

    Do you tend to forward emails/messages that urge people to beware of this, that, or the other thing, or is Snopes.com (and similar sites) your friend? I have, upon occasion, let slip an email or message that seemed reasonable and didn’t take the time to research but for the most part, Google and Snopes.com are my friends. I cannot abide all of those “OMG! This thing is happening RIGHT NOW! and YOU need to be aware of it!” and it’s some urban legend from, like the 1970’s or something. So annoying.

  • If you have a dog, or dogs, and they start barking at nothing you can see, does it make you anxious?  When I was younger and my first husband was out to sea, we lived in a semi-rural area and the dogs started barking every night about midnight, for about an hour, then they’d stop. It freaked me out because I couldn’t tell what they were barking at. Turns out, the local shooting range was having night lessons — why at midnight, I don’t know. After that, I just figured it’s always something I just cannot hear.  It still kind of makes me nervous when they stare at the wall though.
  • Do you close your curtains at night?  You bet your ass I do. Do you realize how brightly lit up a house is at night? Anyone from miles away can see right into your house. Like watching a television. Screw that noise. My curtains are closed at night.
  • How do you feel about the state of humankind in general? I’m okay with humankind. I think we’re gonna be okay, this past year notwithstanding. I’m not saying it’s all rainbows and honey out there, fersure there’s gonna be some tough times, but in the end, I think that humankind in general will come out the other side. One way or another.


3 thoughts on “Fearful Questions – answered

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Actually, you know our answers aren’t that different. I didn’t want to read your answers until I’d written my own. I am often influenced by what I read immediately before I wrote. I think the really big difference is that you look in a much more urban area than we do and where you live substantially changes how you look at things. I think that’s a sensible reaction. it is so under-populated around here, the odds of anyone bothering to bother us is pretty small. It’s not that I think they are so wonderful. If they are going to make trouble, they’ll stay in town where they can make more trouble for more people faster. Out here, there’s an awful lot of traveling between houses … and it’s why we don’t, for example, EVER have trick-of-treaters … or salespeople … or missionaries. They like busier areas. We aren’t busy.


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