When it pains, it pains…

hangvoerIt’s totally my fault (again) but yeah, the last couple of days have been pretty bad. Which is why I haven’t been posting after suddenly starting to post again. But last week I was feeling pretty good and I was all, “I can eat whatever I want!”  and when will I learn that I cannot, in fact, eat whatever I want?

It’s like people who go out drinking every weekend and wake up with a hangover every. single. time.  I never understood that mentality. Now I do. Only I have something akin to a food hangover. Like, I’m okay if I eat “bad” food in moderation — just like someone won’t get a hangover if they drink one drink or two. That being said, if I go hog-wild and eat, say fried chicken two days in a row, and chicken teriyaki two days in a row, and chocolate cake twice in the same week,  and *gasp* meatballs from a meatball sub (the dogs got the bread), well, that’s not very moderate of me, now is it? I mean, add all of that up, and that’s a whole lot of pain for a few days because stupid decisions = bad consequences.  And all of the preventative medicine in the world isn’t going to erase stupid decisions.

portionsYou might ask, why eat that stuff two days in a row? Well, dear reader, the fact of the matter is, if I buy prepared food from anywhere, I can’t get a single serving of anything — unless I order from the child’s menu, and even then sometimes it’s too much. I’ve been on a portion-controlled diet for a long time. Like decades. This isn’t new to this particular malady.  It’s how I dropped nearly 100 before my thyroid added most of it back on. If I weren’t eating smaller portions, I’d probably way over 300 pounds by now. Not to mention that I get full pretty fast. My body lies so hard about how much food I eat. It’s so annoying. Anyway,  I often find myself with two and sometimes three day’s worth of food whenever I don’t cook my own meal. Or I end up throwing food away, which I hate doing. Not everything freezes well, and Doug doesn’t eat leftovers, nor is he usually in the mood for whatever I’m eating. So sharing a meal is often out. I don’t want the dogs to get into the habit of eating my meals all of the time, so I don’t always give them my food. I mean, sometimes I do like with the bread from the meatball sub, but it’s not a good habit. And some food just isn’t good for dogs. So, if I do buy food that I don’t cook, well, I’m eating it two days in a row, or I’m throwing it away. There’s no way around it.

insanityAnd last week, well, for some reason I just went crazy with food on the “bad” list. It actually started with Thanksgiving when I made grilled turkey and swiss cheese sandwiches.  Turkey is okay. Deli sliced turkey? not so much. Cheese is an iffy thing with my gut, and Swiss Cheese is on the “friendly” list of cheeses, but! my gut doesn’t seem to like it much. Cheddar, I’m all about the cheddar, Swiss? I should probably stay away from the Swiss.  And grilled? Well, it’s technically not bad, but fat is fat, and you’ve got to use a lot of butter to make a decent grilled cheese sandwich. My gut doesn’t like fat.  So it started with that and kinda snowballed from there. And now I’m paying the price, which sucks rocks.  I’ll give it a couple of days on a — once again — bland diet to calm down and go from there.  Of course, this will happen again, just as people go out and party again even though they know a hangover is imminent. I mean, we hope beyond hope that this time there won’t be a hangover, but we know that it’s gonna happen. I wonder why humans are wired like that? It’s just weird.

Just for fun… Brian Regan. This is old but gold (btw, I eat half a cup of ice cream. I really do.)

4 thoughts on “When it pains, it pains…

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Around here, they will not LET an adult order from the child’s menu. It has really taken the fun out of eating for me. In expensive restaurants, I can often order an appetizer instead of a meal, but we don’t go to those restaurants often.


    1. Willow Post author

      I’ve totally ordered off the kid’s menu, and if a waitress — sorry, server — won’t “let” me, we get up and go somewhere else. I’m so not above walking out on a restaurant that doesn’t ‘let” me eat what I want to eat.


  2. Embeecee

    Oh we all push those darned boundaries now and then, because as you said “Maybe THIS time it (bad reaction) won’t happen.” Hope springs eternal and all that.. I just had part of an order of chicken ‘fingers’. I’m going to regret it. But the advertisers of these particular fingers ‘got’ me with their clever slick photos (unrealistic) and tempting description of “golden brown, buttermilk battered all white meat chicken fingers.” What I actually got (and I deserve it. I KNOW better) was an overly greasy *ulp* smoosh of some kind of meat (I’m going with chicken. If it’s not, I don’t want to know). The second I took the take out bag, I KNEW Huny got lucky today (and I still peel most of the breading off because her system doesn’t handle that gunk any better than mine). I can always smell the slightly rancid grease … it’s more than damn time this particular chain changed theirs. Because my fingers had to be specially cooked. And still reeked of grease. So I’m sorry for your ills, and I know them intimately besides. Don’t you wish you could send the little buggers packing once and for all and go back to noshing on whatever you wanted?

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    1. Willow Post author

      If it weren’t for hope, well, live would be boring indeed. ^_^ but damn if we don’t pay for it. hahahaha! I’m feeling better today, but I’m on a strict egg and toast diet for a few days.



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