They say…

… that ignorance is bliss. And I agree. If one blighty walks through the world unaware of the corruption and deceit that goes on around them, then they are blissfully ignorant of  all things bad and can live their lives in relative happiness until the day they die.

warneverchangesIn this day and age, I don’t know if that’s possible. And of course, if someone is living their life in blissful ignorance, people will point at them and say, “You are part of the problem.”  Because of course then are. That’s because in this day and age, if one is not actively protesting in the streets, or angrily ranting online (like that solves anything) then they are considered part of the problem. And I say to that, “Fuck that noise.”  I would love to be able to live in blissful ignorance. Let people be happy not knowing the world is falling apart around them. Let them think that everything is right with their world. Stop trying to make everyone miserable.  And I’m gonna come right out and say this —  not everyone who thinks like this voted for Lord Dampnut and his constituents.  His side of the party does not have a monopoly on mindlessly blind people. There are tons of fluffy white lighters on the left too. Alas and alack, I am not one of those blissfully ignorant people, though sometimes I wish I was.  Even though I do not watch and/or read the news in any way, shape, or form I still hear about what’s going on in the world through friends, family, and teh interwebs whether I want to or not.

downside-of-being-a-hermitThere’s a small part of me that wants to pull the plug and become a hermit in the mountains or live in a trailer in the middle of the desert, then come hell or high water, I wouldn’t care what’s going on around me. The world could end or go merrily on, and take me along with it either way; and I wouldn’t know or care one way or another because ignorance is bliss.  I would just be living my life and not bothering anyone else. I try and do that now as much as possible. You wouldn’t believe how much I don’t really care about much of what everyone gets into a tizzy about these days. I honestly shake my head and go, “What’s the big deal? Seriously. Why? Why are y’all so worked up over this?” and I again give serious thought to moving to a remote space and letting everyone just… I dunno do their thing and not worry about it. But as it is, I live my life and leave everyone else the fuck alone and hope they leave me alone too. But in the end, I know too much about the things that do matter to not get involved in the world outside my little green acre.  I may not march on the streets and shout from the street corners holding signs, but I do what I do — which is none of anyone’s business but mine. I don’t have to prove my civic duty to anyone. And anyone who demands that I do can fuck right off. /mini rant

The FoolSorry, that’s a sore spot. It’s kind of like my illnesses and disorders, or the ringing in my ears. No one sees what ails me, or hears the ringing in my ears, so it’s difficult for them to understand what’s wrong. No one sees what I do — because I don’t march on the streets — so they don’t believe I do anything.  It must be sad to live in a world where if one can’t see nor hear something, it doesn’t exist. That kind of willful ignorance certainly couldn’t  be blissful though, I’d imagine it to be rather terrifying and frustrating. I know I can’t even fathom living in a world like that. But hey, since I don’t live in that world, I can’t say how it feels. I do feel for people who can’t conceive of or believe in what they don’t see nor hear, they are missing out on so much. I guess, having said that, that I should also feel sorry for those who live their lives in blissful ignorance as well, because by turning a blind eye to all that is bad with the world, they are also denying much that comes with it that “badness”. Again, having said that, I’m not going to be the one to take their happiness away — either of them.  Because that’s not my lot in life. Seriously. If someone wants to walk around in ignorance, blissful or otherwise, well, I can point out that they are wrong (IMHO), but after that, it’s up to them to learn or continue on.  I honestly don’t think that everyone in the world has an obligation to “fix” it.  Mostly because just about everyone has a different opinion on how the world needs to be fixed. So yeah, me? I’m just gonna leave well enough alone and do my part — privately and how I see fit — and the rest of the world and move blissfully along.


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11 thoughts on “They say…

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    It’s never simple, is it? You can’t run away and you can’t stay. We all walk the untrod path. And there are so many. I keep trying to find a path that “fits” me. So far, they all feel a little too tight, too warm, too chilly, a little tight around the midriff … and everything is so complicated.

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  2. Embeecee

    I say “YEAH!” …. that said, I’m firmly a ‘fluffy white lighter” and someone who deliberately does NOT take note of what the f*ck is going on except with me. I don’t care that the idiot in office shit himself and racked up 100,000 tweets, thereby making it a banner day in his book. I don’t care that there’s global warming nor climate change, nor that we’re all gonna starve to death in a few years because we’ve over taxed ol’ Mother Earth and she stops producing (the person who felt entitled to share THAT with me got a hairy eyeball from me and a highly disbelieving look.)..if it’s true, what good is moaning about it for years until it (potentially) happens. I wanted to tell him to go away and only come back if he had something more frivolous to share that didn’t involved damp nuts or the Kardashians. But I listened. My neighbor’s elderly dog died and that sent me into a deep depression for a week. THOSE sorts of things one can’t avoid. And like you, I do my quiet part, but if they think I’m going to the courthouse in town and chaining myself to the pillar with a sign that reads “DEATH TO ALL IDIOTS” or refusing to unlock until all the idiots are dead; well they have a long wait in front of them. Hope they brought snacks. And the finger pointers? I got a little saying for THEM..when you point your finger at someone you’ve got four pointing back at you (including your thumb), so quit pointing fingers and mind your own business. It’s not like I care what they think in the first place. Like you. Good post sweetie! 😀


    1. Willow Post author

      You are not a fluffy white lighter because you *know* there is darkness in the world. You just don’t want to hear about it all of the time. That makes you a reasonable human being in my book.


  3. Sparkyjen

    I suppose a trailer in the desert, or a hermit/cave lifestyle is one way to go, but having a quiet, peaceful home anywhere you reside is a nice option too. Once over your own threshold you can shut out the noise, the chaos, the upheaval. You don’t have to watch TV news, or radio hullabaloo if you don’t want to. You can click through desktop smack, and toss snail mail that doesn’t suit your sense and sensibilities.

    Having never been down with the mainstream myself, I have found life to be much less stressful; certainly minus all the chaos. I don’t have to fit into the fairy tale, ’cause in many cases, even The Brothers Grimm would be taken aback.

    First, I’ve made a conscious decision to put on my own oxygen mask first. Then help others who might welcome my assistance. 7+ billion people reside on this planet. There ain’t no saving all of them going to happen. So when a person entertains the idea of saving the world, they are cruising for a bruising.

    We can only do what we can, stop take a rest, adjust our oxygen masks, and see how we feel about going in again. Meanwhile, stay close to what brings us joy, peace, and a sense of well-being. To me, that’s the place where I’m happiest to hang my hat…Home!

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  4. Peg Stueber-Temp and Tea

    Last winter, when we had an unseasonable warm period (and I got to wear flip-flops in February), the SO was busy lamenting climate change and how HORRIBLE this heat was.

    I was too busy allowing myself to enjoy a warm couple of days in the midst of snow & ice to moan over the weather, and he actually tried to chastise me for this. It didn’t go well.

    I’m too old and out-of-shape to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.

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