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I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning because I was warm and cozy underneath my blankets. Not that it’s freezing this morning, it’s warm enough to melt the snow that’s been covering our yard since last Saturday, but it was warmer under the blankets than it was in my room. 🙂 So yeah, it’s harder to get up in the Winter than it is in the Summer. So much more difficult. Especially since there’s no heat in my room.  I have four blankets of varying thicknesses on my bed and two heaters underneath said blankets — a la the furbabies, Cocoa and Poptart (pictured right).  For such small dogs, they pack quite a bit of heat and they like to burrow under the covers. I think it’s a small dog thing, none of the bigger dogs I’ve had were burrowers, but I’m not an expert on dogs, so there’s that. They also like to cozy up to me when burrowed under the blankets, so I have these two heat bombs pressed up against me all night. It’s quite cozy, especially on cold, winter nights. Not so much in the summer though. 🙂


Doug’s next room. Ha! From here

You might be wondering, dear reader, where the husband was in all of this… Well, Doug sleeps in his own room because he snores… loudly, and whenever we sleep in the same room, neither of us get any sleep because he keeps me awake with his snoring and I keep waking him up to shift positions so he’ll stop snoring — which only works for a while and then he snores again. It’s a vicious cycle. I snore too, but nothing wakes Doug up. Like… nothing.  The house could burn down around him and he probably wouldn’t notice it. I love my husband, but he is a deep sleeper. So he has his own room where he can snore as loudly as he wants.  We also have different sleep cycles. I go to bed hours before he does. Hours. And I can’t sleep very soundly if I know that he’s coming to bed after I am.  And I tend to get up way before he does, which, for some illogical reason annoys the hell out of me whenever we share a bed. I can’t explain it, but it does.  If I’m up, he should be up too.  It doesn’t bother me if he’s in another room. So, after years of trying to sync our sleep cycles with no compromise in sight, separate bedrooms make different sleep cycles a non-issue.  If y’all read the article linked in the picture, you’ll see that this isn’t an alien idea. But I digress, I only mentioned this because I talked about dogs being in the bed and not the husband. ^_^  Worry not, dear reader, Doug gets the attention he needs.

poptart ears


So anyway, there I was this morning, covered in blankets, drifting between half sleep and half awake, with my two heaters by my side — Cocoa and Poptart… for some reason, Brandy just doesn’t like sleeping on the bed. And it was so… well, cozy is a good word for it isn’t it? but so are peaceful and warm. I totally didn’t want to get out of bed at all. But I cracked open my eye and realized that it was, indeed, rather bright in my room.  Well, bright-ish.  It never gets bright in my room. Light was really trying to get in around the edges of the blackout curtains, which means morning was well under way.  Normally, I’m up with the sun, but on cloudy days, especially in the winter, I might could miss the sun. I checked the clock and wow! 9:30.  Good thing I’m disabled and don’t have to work, huh? But, ah well, the animals needed to be fed. It was time to get up. So I left my cozy cocoon and ambled into the winter morning.


Feed me!

The dogs didn’t seem to mind me sleeping in, but Mister certainly had his say when I opened the door. As an aside, I had to start closing my bedroom door a while back, because Mister suddenly decided that 5am was his feeding time and would not be dissuaded. I wasn’t getting enough sleep because he kept waking me up every morning at 5am and absolutely would not stop pestering me until I closed the door. Let me tell you something, dear reader, when a 20 pound cat is sitting on your chest demanding to be to be fed, it’s really hard to ignore him.  Now, I go to bed about 11pm most nights and get to sleep around about midnight — midnight thirty (I read…), so being woken up at 5am was not conducive to a good night’s sleep. I mean, even if I shooed him out, shut the door, and went back to bed, that’s still interrupted sleep.  I love my cat, but I need my sleep. So now I sleep with the door shut, dogs in my room, and cat and husband in the other parts of the house. And I sleep better for it. I’m still fatigued because of the fibromyalgia and other ailments, but I do sleep better, so hey… progress. ^_^

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6 thoughts on “Winter mornings

  1. Carolanne

    Fur babies make the best space heaters. I have two fuzzy space heaters totaling around 20lbs. Vesper usually sleeps with me somewhere on the bed. She is partial to pillows. Harley will come in and get attention, and if I’m asleep, she’ll leave me alone and go back to wherever she was before. But on the cold nights, I’ll wake up to her tapping me on the shoulder with her paw, intentionally using her claw. I lift the covers, she hangs out for 30 seconds deciding if she wants under. Finally I push her butt under the covers, she turns around twice, lays down, and makes biscuits.

    But yeah, cold weather is perfect for sleeping late. The morning after my ER visit, Honey Bunny and I slept until 10:30 and it was glorious. Well, except for Vesper taking over my pillow and essentially sleeping under my head… and Harley under the covers by our feet.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Willow Post author

      Furbabies are pretty handy that way, aren’t they? As heaters I mean. If I were still in the working world, I’d totally have Mister as an alarm clock (I’d be going to bed earlier too), but as it is, I need my sleep. I think he enjoys having the house to himself without the dogs pestering him, and if he needs snuggles, he bugs Doug.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    It IS freezing here, but our bedroom stays pretty warm. About 10 years ago, the electric company had spare money and insulated our attic and since then, a little heat goes a surprisingly long way, even in very cold weather. I’m lucky. I snore, but Garry’s deaf.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Willow Post author

      I was that way when Doug and I sleep in the same bed, but I’m totally cool with him sleeping in now that he has his own room. It’s weird, but what can I say? Our brains are weird.



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