Daily Prompt: Entertain

hasthedumbsWhen I tell people that I’m disabled and not working, one of the first questions they inevitably ask is, “What do you do all day?” and/or “How do you entertain yourself?” because when one is unemployed one has a lot of time on their hands to fill up. We’re given 24 hours a day and when one doesn’t have any responsibilities, be it a job or kids to raise, that leaves a lot of time to fill. A lot of time.  Some days, the time just flies by… Those are the days when I wake up, turn on the computer, and the next thing I know it’s four o’clock in the afternoon.  Then there are other days when the time just seems to drag by minute by minute. When the knitting is tedious, and the books are not able to keep my attention, and I can’t seem to string a coherent sentence together to save my life. Yeah, those days I can’t find anything to entertain my brain.  Because I haz the dumbs.

collage gradueteLife with chronic illnesses is fun.  Not. It’s funny because just the other day I was thinking, “It’s not so bad… maybe I’m getting better. I’ll check the local newspaper and see if there are any job listings for part time work.” Hahahahahaha!  Then I have days like today where putting three words together to make a sentence anyone can understand is a gargantuan task. Y’all would be amazed, dear readers, at how long it took to write this one, little blog post, and how many words I’ve misspelled writing it. I’m so thankful I live in the age of spellcheck… That’s all I’m gonna say. I’m just glad that my thyroid waited until after I finished college to quit on me, because I cannot imagine writing papers in this frame of mind. It was bad enough with the Fibromyalgia, throw Hypothyroidism and chronic fatigue on top of that? My GPA would have been in the toilet.

80 years mods

Damn Skippy

Anyway, how do I entertain myself? Well, I write on this blog whenever I feel up to it. I do try to write every day, but yeah, that doesn’t always happen. I read other people’s blogs.  That is often entertaining in and of itself.  I am also learning how to use photoshop so I can continue to mod Fallout 4 and Skyrim effectively.  The hubs and I have a grand plan for a mod for Skyrim and I will eventually delve into it. I’m not sure what’s stopping me actually, but I think once I actually start making that mod, that will take up a lot of my time. I just have to, like, get started on it. It’s like writing I suppose… It’s happened before… I’ll have an idea for a book or story, the characters are all there, just waiting for me to bring them to life. I know how I want the story to go. The beginning is right there, right at my fingertips, just aching to be put on paper, and I know, I just know, how it will all flow from middle to end, but when I sit down to write it… nothing comes out. Like the sea crashing against a wall, it’s stuck in my brain. So frustrating.  So it goes with this mod. The ironic part is that I had the dungeon of this mod 90% built and decorated, all I had to do was add enemies and navmesh it so virtual people could walk in it, and it would have been glorious. Then in a moment of brain weirdness, I accidentally deleted it, and the backup all in one fell swoop. Well, if you’re gonna fail, at least fail spectacularly. Right?  So now I have to rebuild it again. And I figure this time, I may as well have some better knowledge, hence the Photoshop…


One of my first Photoshop attempts

The thing about learning something like Photoshop is that I can either take a course, or I can learn it willy nilly as I try and use the functions.  The Adobe tutorials are set up kind of weird — in my humble opinion that is — and when I tried to learn through their tutorials, it was set up all higgly-piggly.  The videos kept referencing videos “…we watched earlier in the series”. And I’m all, No, I’m watching these in order and that video was not earlier in the series…. WTF? After the third such reference, I was over that nonsense.  I’ve tried watching some other Youtube channels with free tutorials and I’ve learned quite a bit, but some are way too fast with their lessons, and they assume the student knows things that I don’t know — like how to get a clean workspace with one click… or some keyboard shortcuts that I have no idea how to do. So they’re just clicking away and I’m all… Wait! how did you do that? And it’s just not good practice.  Some others are just… humor gone bad. So, I’m watching things willy-nilly now as I come across a tool and want to know what it does. There’s a lot of crap in Photoshop… this is going to take a long time. But hey, watching Photoshop tutorials and learning Photoshop is an interesting way to pass the time if nothing else. At least I’m learning something new. Ya know? Even if I never put it into practice on anything else but my own pictures. Sometimes it’s fun to learn things just to learn them.

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5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Entertain

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I don’t know how I ever found time to work full time. I can barely manage my life in retirement. I’m ALWAYS busy. Amazing, isn’t it?

    Photoshop is anti-intuitive. If you think it would make sense THIS way, it works another way. i’ve learned what I’ve learned from other people’s blogs where they explain how they do a particular thing. Mostly, though I use Photoshop as the “legs” for my filters.

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  2. Donnalee

    I know what you mean about illness. Some days I think ‘yeah, if I see ten folks a day at our new office, I’ll make tons o’ money and help them and blahblah and have this fast-growing business and then I’ll also finish writing my book and…’, and then a lot of days I am superglad I slept in my teeshirt and sweatpants since that’s the day’s wardrobe choice for staring blankly at the cats or computer screen at home. It’s hard. It has given me a lot of compassion for dumb people since I became one. I used to be very critical about that, and WOW did I learn the hard way–netter than not learning at all. The videos for most things zoom along, so I don’t bother with them. They don’t move at my speed.

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    1. Willow Post author

      I think the good thing about videos, especially digital videos, is I can stop and “rewind” them so whatever I miss, I can just go back and repeat. The pause button is my friend when I’m trying to learn something via Youtube. 🙂 I learn best if I have text and a video (or someone showing me something in real life), but one doesn’t always have both.


  3. Embeecee

    I’m glad to know there’s another blogger venturing into the Photoshop landscape who sees the same problems with those ‘tutorials’ that I do. If you’re going through ShiftArt (I know they charge), they (well their ‘leader’ Andrei, seems to LISTEN to what his users say to him and tries to fix things or implement suggestions that are made). He sent an email the other day asking me how I liked one of the tutorials actually, so he wants feedback. I had forgotten about that particular tutorial, so I could provide nothing for it. My biggest complaint/obstacle is the tutors who assume everyone has the latest and greatest version of Photoshop; and knows how all the bells and whistles work on the L&G version too. When I did the 10 day challenge, that problem kept cropping up over and over again; so after a while I just stopped listening to them when they would try to teach a new bell and whistle that my old Photoshop version does not have. I’d use the tools I did know how to work and it turned out fine. I BET you can do that too, build on your knowledge base and go from there, asking questions to people as you go. And do you have access to the on-line Photoshop ‘troubleshooter’? If not, let me know and I’ll send you the link. It has cross reference and indexing and is pretty good for answering all questions (to me). Cheers hun. We ALL haz the dumbz now and then..

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    1. Willow Post author

      I had a math tutor in college who just assumed that anyone in college would have what he called “basic” math skills that I didn’t think were all that basic (and if one is going to a tutor, then they lack one skill or another). He lost patience with me a lot because I just never “got” math… this was before I even knew there was a thing called Dyscalculia. I just thought I was really bad at math. I think that’s what made me a more understanding English tutor, I never assumed anyone’s base knowledge because that way lies frustration for everyone.

      Having said that, when you make a video for the greatest common denominator, you can’t dumb it down too much nor can you make it too difficult, so you have to assume a basic knowledge and draw the line somewhere. It’s frustrating for beginners like me, but I’m sure it’s also frustrating for advanced people who already know some of the things the videos are teaching. There’s honestly no way to please everyone.

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