Daily Prompt: Study

So I’m going back a day to answer this daily prompt.  There’s no rule saying I have to answer it the day it’s publish, so there! Anyway, I wanted to answer it yesterday but i didn’t have the energy to do much of anything yesterday so I just didn’t. Is illness considered a loophole? I dunno. Ha! Two daily prompts in one! Take that!

stairs are hard

Titles are hard

Anyway, back to study the prompt I’m actually talking about today… but before I do that I’m gonna address the lack of titles in this and my previous posts. I used to at least try and come up with clever titles, but you know what? That’s exhausting. So, for the time being at least, I’m gonna just keep the daily prompts as Daily Prompt: [word of the day] it’s not clever or amusing, but at least it’s descriptive. You know?

Anyway, back to study… ^_^  So right now I’m studying Photoshop, and it’s kinda fun.  But Photoshop isn’t the focus of this blog. Whenever I take up a “study” of something I find interesting, the people around me will inevitably ask me why I’m studying it and what I plan to do with the knowledge I obtain from said studies. For example, when I took English in college, I was roundly admonished by people from all walks of life for pursuing such a “useless” degree.  To be honest, there isn’t much one can do with an English degree except stay in academia or teach English. Maybe write or publish. Though I’m given to understand that many people use English as the jumping point to Law School (as my friend Magdalyn did).

10205070694460493I, of course, didn’t start out to do anything with my English degree. I just happened to be in a place in my life where I could go back to college and English was something that interested me. Initially, I went back to school with the intention of getting a degree in Education, but my Dyscalculia quickly put an end to that — I failed the entrance exam. So, the only option open to me was English — no math! Maybe I could improve my writing was my vague thought.  I wanted a degree in Linguistics, because that interested me much more than English Literature, but the college I was in did not offer that degree, and if you think that job opportunities for English majors are slim, dear reader, look them up for Linguistics majors.  So I minored in Linguistics and took every class they had that even vaguely resembled Linguistics (I got my TESOL certification in the process because why not?) and got a Master’s in English Literature. Which I’ve done nothing with because there isn’t much one can do with an MA in English Literature (and health reasons… gripe, gripe, gripe).  I was going to teach English, but my body just did not cooperate with that plan. But honestly I didn’t study English to teach, and I certainly don’t need an MA to teach… I just continued on into the MA program because hey, it was there, and I wasn’t doing much of anything else at the time.  It’s like that with just about anything I study. I set out to learn it because it grabs my attention and entertains my mind, not to further any political, professional, or monetary goal in my life.  Most of the stuff I know about computers I know because it’s interesting and for no other reason.

cookie-monster-orlando-espinosaAnd here’s where things get kind of weird.  If I’m just grooving along in my own world and taking in all the knowledge about something that interests me (say, Photoshop) the minute people start bombarding me with, “Oh, you could use that skill to make money.” That’s when I lose all sorts of interest in ever learning anything else about that thing again. It just flips a switch in my brain and all of the fun of learning about this neat, new to me thing, just turns off. It’s been this way all my life.  I used to be able to knit really nice things, sweaters even… and I knitted (and crocheted) sweaters for myself and friends, now I can’t even conceive of knitting a sweater. I mean, I probably could knit a sweater if I wanted to, but the drive to do so isn’t there. Why?  Because my friends and family were all, “You should totally sell these, you’d make a lot of money.”  And bam! I never knitted another sweater again. And that was twenty years ago. Scarves, blankets, shawls galore… even some mittens and hats, but no sweaters.

Like I said, I could probably still knit a sweater if I set my mind to it. I could probably even learn to knit better ones than I used to. I like knitting and crocheting. I like giving my finished projects to people around me. I like making things for myself too (The horror! You’re only supposed to craft for others!).  What I don’t like is when I make things and people keep asking me, “What are you making that for?” As if everything in this world needs to have a purpose. It’s the same thing with studying. “Why are you studying that?”  Because it interests me. And for no other reason.  Just because I can make money doing something doesn’t mean I’m going to, or that I even want to.  So yeah, I’m learning Photoshop right now, and I’m learning it for my own pleasure and to achieve things that other people will probably never see and/or appreciate. And you know what? That’s okay. Because art for the sake of art is still a thing.

give a man a fire

Early attempt at Photoshop. Purely for my own amusement


As an aside: someone suggested that the issues I’m having with WordPress may be related to Chrome and various Chrome updates, so I uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome so we’ll see if that fixes things.

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5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Study

  1. Donnalee

    It seems like somewhere in the last 20ish years, maybe with the internet, things that were perfectly good on their own–art, crafts, sex–are now only good for what money they can bring in. It’s like everything is so commodified that the people don’t understand that they may make money, but then what will they use it for? Probably to try to get some quality of life they could have had if they didn’t make every crappy idea that crossed their minds and tried to sell it on etsy–oh well.


      1. Donnalee

        Oh yeah–I was at some of them, and also worked briefly at one with a woman who made handfired beads and nice jewelry. I think there is a sort of lifestyle-that-makes-money, like me now charging for tarot readings since they are pretty much therapy sessions that help folks, and me not charging for other stuff and being a volunteer.


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    I’m glad no one ever attacked me for studying useless shit because that’s been more or less my entire life’s work. I have never studied anything genuinely useful, at least not in school and rarely out of it, either. That may explain a few other things in my life, come to think of it.



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