Smelly dog

This is a totally filler post because I can’t think of anything else to write about.  So I was sitting at my computer this morning and I keep smelling dog poop.  All morning. Which was weird because all of my dogs are housebroken and the only time they go in the house is if we’re gone and we leave them inside for too long.  When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go I suppose.  So all morning I’ve been getting up and searching the corners for this elusive smell.  Of course, I didn’t find anything. Not for hours. It was driving me nuts.

poptart scratch

The smelly culprit (now clean)

Then I realized that it was my littlest dog, Poptart. Now, Poptart is a gassy dog. We’ve tried everything, but he’s always got gas. He probably has a delicate digestion like me. Sometimes that’s just the case. Usually, his farts smell different, so once I surmised that it was Poptart that smelled, I initially brushed it off as him being especially gassy. Nope, I reached down to pet him and he was covered in poop. Ewwww!  It was down his side and neck, and his collar was coated with the stuff. Again, I say Ewwwww! There were no other signs of dog poop anywhere in the house, and the other two dogs were clean as a whistle.  I guess Poptart decided to roll around in poop this morning for some reason. I’m just glad he didn’t get it all over the furniture or the floor before I discovered it.  He seems content to just lay down on the floor next to me today.  He was acting weird yesterday too. Pacing, whining, and trying to hide.  He’s not doing any of that today, but he doesn’t normally cover himself in poop either.  I guess I’ll have to keep an eye on him.

poptart cocoa sleeping

Six pounds of fang and fury

Ah the joys of owning dogs.  They’re like toddlers in  so many ways except dogs will never outgrow their toddler habits (like rolling in poop). But I love my dogs. I just didn’t want to start my day looking for weird smells and giving one of them a bath. Mostly because Poptart hates baths — another trait some dogs share with toddlers, except toddlers don’t have pointy teeth that break the skin when they bite. ^_^  You wouldn’t think that something so small would be so difficult to control, but you’d be wrong.  Oh so wrong. That’s six pounds of fangs and fury when I try to give him a bath.  He’s calmed down a lot in the year or so since we’ve adopted him, but we still have to muzzle him to do basic things like clip his nails and bathe him, or take him to the vet. He doesn’t bite as much as he did, but yeah… he still bites whenever he’s overwhelmed. And he may be small, but it still hurts when he bites. Not to mention that it’s stressful for both me and Poptart to get into a wrestling match whenever it’s time to pop him in the bathtub. Neither of us enjoy it, and I usually end up hurting my back.  I tried washing him in the kitchen sink once, but he jumped out and hurt himself, so the bathtub it is.

Anyway, that’s how I started my morning.  Looking for and finding the source of the dog poop smell. It could have been worse, but there are better ways to start the day. ^_^

3 thoughts on “Smelly dog

  1. Embeecee

    Had to weigh in. Have Poptart’s anal glands been checked by the vet? One thing little chihuahua dogs have are overactive anal glands. They need to be cleared out (Huny needs hers done about once a month)..or they might just explode (literally..I had one chihuahua whose did that while I was holding her on my lap on the way to the vet. You do NOT want to smell that). Alternatively was he stopped up and had diarrhea (outside) and then decided it smelled so good he had to roll in it? I have to watch Huny because she loves to roll in the poop…hers or other dogs. As you point out, all dogs seem enthralled with the smell of excrement. Poptart sounds like he’s ferocious…

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    1. Willow Post author

      It’s possible. He hasn’t been to the vet, but we have a vet tech come and do their nails once a month. The last time we took him (which was a while ago, I’ll admit) he was given a good bill of health.

      He’s actually calmed down quite a bit, but he must have had a rough life before we got him. He used to be all fang and snap, but now he only snarls and bites when we try to give him a bath or cut his nails… and it wasn’t *that* bad this morning… I think he’s learning that he’s safe here. Sometimes these things take time.



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