Today’s taste of weirdness is…

WordPress’s suggestions of what to look for in my blogging experience. So, I never really paid attention to these words until I read Mommatrek’s blog on the matter this morning (go read it, it’s amusing, I even linked it twice for ya.) and lo and behold! There are three suggestions under the search box with clickable links just for me and my personal tastes… I’m guessing… maybe.

wordpress weirdness

You might like these! Not.

Though to be honest, I have no idea what their databases are thinking because I don’t believe I’ve ever talked about woodworking, like, ever. Nor have I ever read about it. And bloom? It’s been ages since I’ve talked about flowers. Perhaps they mean bloom in photography or videos.  Could be. Ya never know. Okay, I’ll give them delicious. I mentioned something was delicious a few days ago.  But I don’t know where they pulled woodworking from. Maybe it’s because people in my reader have mentioned it. I dunno. But it makes for an amusing trio I suppose.

Just a little weirdness for y’all. What does WordPress suggest you might like?


2 thoughts on “Today’s taste of weirdness is…

  1. Embeecee

    I’ve had pudding, witchcraft and space; children, pets and farming and a host of others that don’t go together and have nothing to do with me or anyone I read…although. I have noticed that if someone mentions anything to do with one of those subjects, it’s likely to pop up in the feed. Again WP seems not to be playing to their audience (dangerous) and catering to what their computers tell them is popular OR trendy. I guess. I’m more annoyed by their ‘suggestions for blogs you might like” that pop up at the bottom of the page. Yeah. I want to read someone’s blog whose handle is baddaddy4u. Absolutely (NOT).



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