More questions I’ve “never” been asked

So, Carolanne over at Hello Dearest Hurricane answered these questions which have the oh-so-original tag of having “never” been asked. But y’all know I’m gonna answer them anyway because I’m a sucker for these kinds of things. 🙂 You can find her answers here. Go and read them, they’re interesting and she has a fun blog. So without further ado, here are 50 questions I’ve “never” been asked (they can be found here if you’re interested in answering them yourself)

how-to-2010-03-candles-candle-muji-628x4741. What’s your favorite candle scent?  Booo! First question in, and it’s a “favorite”! You lose, anonymous question asker! I quit!  Just kidding.  ^_^ I suppose that if I have to pick one over all the others — because I kinda sorta promised someone I’d at least try to answer the favorite questions… — then I suppose I prefer vanilla over most candle scents. Yeah, yeah, I know, how boring! But y’all are making me pick one! And that’s the one I like. So sue me. Anyway, I’ve found that it’s really difficult these days to find a good candle scent. The last time I actually tried to buy a scented candle I spent a lot of time looking and it was really hard finding one  that’s not too overpowering in the store, and after buying one that’s doesn’t knock ya over in the store, finding that is that doesn’t fade out after a few days.

2. What female celebrity do you wish was your sister? I don’t really care about celebrities all that much to know them enough to chose one to be a sibling.  I mean, I don’t watch a lot of television (read: none) and I don’t go to the movies that often. Most of the celebrities I’m familiar with are from the 1970’s and they’re either in their 70’s and 80’s or dead. And even among those celebrities, I’m not familiar enough with them to want any of them as a sibling…

3. What male celebrity do you wish was your brother? See previous answer.


Current wedding rings.

4. How old do you think you’ll be when you get were you when you got married? Okay, so this questionnaire was written by a younger person; I get it. I fixed that question so I could answer it. I was 17 when I married my first husband. We were way too young. Way too young. And that’s why our marriage only lasted about nine years. And it lasted that long because we tried hard to make it work, and because he was out to sea for much of it. If he had been home more often, I think it would have failed much sooner. But we did try. We were just too incompatible. Anyway, I was probably about 30 when I married my second husband.  I call him my “manic mistake — for obvious reasons. Don’t get married when you’re manic, kids. It’s never a good idea. That marriage lasted less than a year, though we were technically married for six, on paper. We only lived together for about six months.  I married the current and last husband I’ll ever have — Third time’s a charm they say — I was about 45 I think. I don’t do numbers well, so all ages are approximate.


Books before the purge

5. Do you know a hoarder? I might have related this story before, but when I first started dating my current husband, I walked into his apartment, looked to the right and his front room was filled from floor to ceiling with boxes and junk. Like I couldn’t see anything but boxes… and stuff filling the spaces between the boxes.  My first thought was, Oh my god, I’m dating a hoarder. He claims that he had “just moved” into that apartment a few months before and hadn’t unpacked the boxes.  I believe him because we moved into this house two years ago and all of his boxes remain unpacked. They’re sitting in his closets, unpacked. It doesn’t negate the fact that he has a room full of stuff, and he gets more… stuff… all of the time, but yeah.  He’s not as bad as the hoarders one sees on that show, but he is a… collector. Here’s a blog post on my old blog just about his books. It doesn’t mention his action figures, movies, games, and other collectables. Just his books. I will say though, that he significantly reduced his collection when we moved because we couldn’t afford to move everything.

Now, I’ve been to several homes of out of control hoarders — people I didn’t know personally but who were trying to sell things (I was there to buy something they’d advertised) because they’d become aware of their habit and wanted to bring things under control.  Their homes were much like the ones you see on the television show, boxes and books to the ceilings and no room to maneuver, &c… Doug isn’t anywhere near that scale. He’s just a nerdy nerd who enjoys collecting nerdy things.

6. Can you do a split?  I have never once, ever, been able to do a split. And not for lack of trying.

7. How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike? I believe I was seven. Don’t hold me to that though. My parents were still married, and we lived on the base, so it was before we turned ten… We lived in the one house by the Marine Barracks, so it was before we were eight… and it was after we moved from that other house by the school so before we after we were six… so yeah, I think I was seven. It was a long time ago.

8. How many oceans have you swam in? I’ve lived on the East Coast and the West Coast so I’ve swum in the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. The Pacific is cold but it has awesome waves, which I enjoyed swimming in. The Atlantic is warmer, but the waves are practically non-existent. It was like swimming in a big bathtub. I preferred the Pacific.


Living in AZ in The Beast

9. How many countries have you been to? Just the one… mine. The United States, which — I’ve been told — means I haven’t travelled anywhere. But let me tell you something, dear reader. I’ve travelled more in my lifetime than most people I know. I’ve been to every state in the contiguous United States except Maine. I’ve just never made it to Maine. I’ve driven across this country six times. Six times at least. I’ve stopped and looked around me and talked to people in every state. I didn’t just drive through.  I’ve lived in 10 states spread out over both coasts. And if that doesn’t make me “well-travelled”, dear reader, well I don’t know what does. Because this country is about 2,680 miles across (if one goes straight) and 1,582 miles from north to south (if one goes straight), and I’ve been just about everywhere I want to be here (except Maine…). So you know what? Screw anyone who tells me I’m not “well traveled” because I’ve never left my country. I know where I’ve been — I’ve travelled within my means, and it was glorious.

Sorry, it’s sore spot

10. Is anyone in your family in the Army? No, mine is a Navy family.

11. What would  did you name your daughter(s)  if you had one? I have three daughters. And they all have names. But here’s the thing. I don’t go putting the names of my kids all over the internet because there’s this thing called privacy. Maybe y’all have heard of it. I don’t even put MY name all over the internet. So yeah, I wouldn’t go trumpeting my kids’ names here.  Call me paranoid.

12. What would did you name your son(s)  if you had one? I have one son… well two because one daughter is transitioning… so two daughters, two sons. But see above question about names.

curve my grade13. What’s the worst grade you got on a test? Wow, this was written by a young person, wasn’t it? Like anyone my age wouldn’t even be worried about tests… unless they’re medical procedures, and those aren’t graded. To answer the question though, I’ve failed my fair share of tests in my time. Not gonna lie.

14. What was your favorite TV show when you were a child? I hate these questions. I really do. Now I told a friend of mine that I would try to answer the “favorite” questions without being too snarky, but come on… childhood is a long ass time, and there were a ton of TV shows… okay, okay… The Brady Bunch. That’s the first thing that came to mind. I also liked The Monkees. There. Happy? 😛

15. What did you dress up as on Halloween when you were eight? Well, at least they changed the age from twelve to eight. The answer is still the same. I don’t remember. Probably some weird plastic mask with a pull over, printed costume that cost my mom a dollar at K-mart.

16. Have you read any of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight series? I’ve read all of them. Did I enjoy all of them? Not really, but I read all of them. Because if I’m going to debate the merits of a book, I’m going to read the damned book.

17. Would you rather have an American accent or a British accent? I love my voice. I think it’s awesome. As I mentioned before, I’ve lived all over the United States which gives me a rather unique accent. It doesn’t quite fit anywhere, and people don’t really know where I’m “from” — because I’m not from anywhere. I didn’t really grow up in one place, and I never settled in one area. And honestly, there are tons of accents in both the United States and Britain, so  so which accent did the asker of this question want the answerer of this question to choose from?

thou shalt not meme

from here

All that being said, I do like this person’s voice, and this person’s, and this person’s too. Two of them are British, and the last one is American. But I think it has more to do with their personality than their nationality, because there are some British Youtubers that I totally will not watch, and a few Americans who have great voices but their personalities suck rocks. Having said all of that, I would listen to Gopher (the first guy linked) read the phone book. Seriously, he has an awesome voice. Which is probably why I like watching him play video games. While I’m typing this, I’m listening to him answer questions (first link).

18. Did your mother go to college? What a strange question. Yes. She did. She apprenticed as a metalworker and went to college for that.

19. Are your grandparents still married? My paternal grandparents have long since passed away. My maternal grandparents divorced and remarried before I was born, so I had two sets of maternal grandparents from the beginning.  My maternal grandmother has remarried after the death of her husband (my mother’s stepfather) and as far as I know, my maternal grandfather is still married to his wife (my mother’s stepmother).

20. Have you ever taken karate lessons? Nope

maxresdefault21. Do you know who Kermit the Frog is? I do know who Kermit the Frog is because The Muppet Show was one of my favorite shows as a kid (see how difficult it is to pick a favorite? see question 14).  I’ve never seen any of the Muppet movies, but I’ve seen every episode of the original Muppet Show.

22. What’s the first amusement park you’ve been to? Atrocious grammar aside, I don’t actually remember the first amusement park I went to. The first one I remember going to, I believe it’s called Six Flags nowadays, but it was called something else back in the day.  Edited to add. It was called Marriott’s Great America. It’s called California’s Great America now, so it’s not Six Flags, it’s a competitor of Six Flags.

23. What language, besides your native language, would you like to be fluent in? All of them. I’m totally serious. If they could invent a translator like they have in science fiction novels that one can wear on their lapel, I’d totally wear that.  I love language, but my dyscalculia keeps me from learning a new language.  I know a smattering of French and a bit of Spanish, but that’s about it.

24. Do you spell the color as grey or gray? I grew up in the United States reading British children’s novels — this means I got a lot of the spellings confused (colour, grey, &c…) I use grey and gray interchangeably.

25. Is your father bald? I dunno, I haven’t seen him in decades.

26. Do you know [any] triplets? Not personally, no. I know a ton of twins, myself included, but no triplets.

27. Do you prefer Titanic or The Notebook? I’m not exactly sure what this question is referring to, the movies or the books. But that’s moot anyway since I’ve read neither and have only seen the Titanic movie — which SUCKED! So by default, I prefer neither, thanks much. I hate chick flicks. I despise them in novel form. Y’all can have them.


Curry Chicken google search

28. Have you ever had Indian food? Many times, and for the most part, I enjoyed it. Most of the Indian food I’ve had was homemade, and I liked a lot of it, except when it was spicy.  For example, I had a friend from India (I don’t remember which part) who used to make curried chicken for a potluck we both came to every week. And every week he’d say to me, “Willow, just for you, I made this not spicy.” And every week it burned the hell out of my mouth. I needed yogurt, every week. His definition of “not spicy” and mine were two different things. ^_^ But he tried, bless his heart.

29. What’s the name of your favorite restaurant? I don’t have one. Sorry. I honestly do not have a favorite restaurant.

30. Have you ever been to the Olive Garden? Unfortunately, yes. Italian food, the American way. Gotta love it.  At least the bread is good. *sigh*  The food isn’t horrible. But it’s not great either. It’s just… bland.

31. Do you belong to any warehouse stores (Costco, BJ’s, etc.)? I think we had a membership for Costco at one time, but it’s just the two of us… we never used it.

32. What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender? If I remember correctly, my name would have been Lee. Just Lee.

foggy driveway

Our driveway

33. If you have a nickname, what is it? Probably that weird lady down the road who never leaves her house. hahaha!

34. Who’s your favorite person in the world? That would be the hubster. He buys me cars. ^_^ (that’s an inside joke). I love my husband, and he is my favorite person in the world.

35. Would you rather live in a rural area or in the suburbs? I feel like I’ve answered some of these questions before.  We live in a rural-ish area right now, but I’m cool with suburbs. I don’t mind the city either. I’m pretty adaptable actually.

36. Can you whistle? Oh yeah, and I don’t have to even do anything. Just take a deep breath and let it out slowly. ^_^  It doesn’t happen all the time, but my lungs do a great job of whistling all by themselves.

37. Do you sleep with a nightlight? Yeppers.

38. Do you eat breakfast every morning? Since any time one eats one they are breaking their fast, then by that definition, I do “eat breakfast” every day. If, however, the question means do I sit down with “traditional breakfast foods” at what is regarded as the appropriate time to break one’s fast, then no… no I don’t. I eat when I’m hungry and no sooner. And I eat what I want. Today, I had cold pizza for breakfast because that’s what I wanted. Yesterday I had a spoonful of peanut butter. Sometimes I don’t eat until two PM. Because screw the Bozo’s who say I need to eat a certain thing at a certain time.

39. Do you take any pills or medication daily? Every day. Twice a day.  See next question.

40. What medical conditions do you have? Do you want a list? I’ll be brief… in order of appearance starting at age 15 until now — high cholesterol, chronic migraines, bipolar, Degenerative Disc Disease, IBS-C, asthma, arthritis, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, COPD (undefined), and menopause.  It’s fun to live in this body. Yay! I takes meds for the bipolar and thyroids. I also take meds for what appear to be chronic ulcers. Fun!

wbmd41. How many times have you been to the hospital? I’ve been to the hospital more times than I can count which includes visiting other people, going to doctors’ appointments, same day procedures, being rushed to the ER to be treated then released, &c…  I mean, there’s a lot to do in the hospital that has nothing to do with being admitted to the hospital. Now, I’ve been admitted to the hospital roughly about ten times. I’ve had six surgeries — three C-sections, one D&C after a miscarriage, one for endometriosis, a hysterectomy, and the last one was to remove my gallbladder. I’ve also been hospitalized three times for asthma. The first time for two weeks because I also had pneumonia and bronchitis (I woke up with pneumonia after my second C-section too… fun times), and the other two times for about three days each.

42. Have you ever seen Finding Nemo? Yes, yes I have.

43. Where do you buy your jeans? This question assumes that all people answering this quiz wear jeans. It’s been a long time since I’ve bought jeans. The weight I’ve gained since my thyroid quit on me makes jean wearing uncomfortable. However, having said that, the last pair of jeans I bought I got from Amazon, and they’re Dickies. Very comfortable and true to size. I still wear them now and again when I go out into the world and want to wear something aside from sweats.

44. What’s the last compliment you got? I was told that my hair looks nice. I had long hair nearly down to my caboose and just got tired of dealing with it, so I took a pair of scissors and chopped off my pony tail. Just cut it right off. Then I snipped a few stray hairs and called it a day. Since then, I’ve been getting compliments right and left about my hair.

45. Do you usually remember your dreams in the morning? I do, but the memories fade as the day goes on. Right when I wake up though, I generally remember what I was dreaming about. I don’t care enough to try and write it down though.

pickles car.jpg

46. What flavor tea do you enjoy? Unsweetened black tea – iced.

47. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own? I feel like I’ve answered some of these questions before… At the moment, I own three pairs of shoes (two for summer one for winter), one pair of boots (in case I ever decide to wear a skirt), and two pairs of slippers (one for summer one for winter).

48. What religion will did you raise your children to practice?  I’m Agnostic. My kids were free to choose their own religion. I tried to expose them to everything, but that didn’t always work out.  They’re all adults now and one is a devout Atheist, another is Agnostic like me and the other two… I really don’t know and couldn’t say, we’re estranged.

49. How old were you when you found out that Santa wasn’t real? Damn that was a long time ago. But as far as I can remember, I don’t ever remember believing he was real. But, I don’t remember much about my childhood in general, so there’s that.

breakfast club50. Why Do you have a tumblr? I might have a tumblr account. I tried to log in, but couldn’t remember my login name or password, so I dunno if I still have one. Anyway I remember getting one a while back because I thought it would be a good way to keep in touch with one of the kidlings, but I never went on it very often, so that plan didn’t work out well.  I totally thought that I had one fersure.  I have a Facespace to keep in touch with friends and family and that’s all I use it for.  But I don’t have an Instagram, or Linkedin. I used to have a Linkedin, but there was no real reason to keep it since I’m disabled and have no real reason to network professionally.  I technically have a Twitter account but I never use it.

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  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Basically, ditto. I tried answering your last set of questions, but my answers were so boring, I still have them filed as “interesting questions and my boring answers.” I don’t think I’d do any better on these than you did and you are wittier than I am … so DITTO.

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