Sharing my *cough* World 1/29/18

406299-TuesMornIf you had an unlimited shopping spree at only one store, which one would you choose? Why?  I’d have to go with one of two kinds of stores… the first being Tuesday Morning. Because I love shopping at Tuesday Morning. They have a lot of useless crap there that looks pretty along with crafty stuff I can make into more useless crap that looks pretty. I’m being facetious. They have home decor things, and crafty stuff, and it’s a discount store. I could spend hours there — and often have. I wish there was one near me… I’d get out of the house more often. Shopping online isn’t the same for these kinds of things. On that same vein, I’d also love to spend an unlimited amount of money at Home Goods (and their sister stores TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, &c…) or, you know what? World Market. Oh, I’d love to spend me some money at World Market. I could spend all day just window shopping at World Market.  Imagine what I’d do with unlimited money. *sigh*

Michaels Craft Store In Fredericksburg, VirginiaThe other kind of store would be a craft store. Like JoAnn’s or Michael’s or somewhere that has… crafty stuff.  Tuesday Morning (mentioned above) sometimes has crafty stuff, but it’s not what they specialize in. Oh, the yarn I would buy, and the fabric! And man, I would totally deck one of the rooms out as a proper crafting room. Like with cubby holes and storage places and a proper cutting table so I don’t kill my back every time I try and cut fabric.  And I’d finally get a serger! Those puppies are expensive. Oh, and while I’m there with unlimited money, I’d sign up for all the classes. Yeah! No one says I can’t. ^_^ There’s way more to these stores than yarn and fabric.

cup of coffeeWhat is the worst thing you ate recently? The breakfast and coffee I had this morning. I’m not feeling well today. woke up with a slightly raw throat, throbbing head, and stuffed up nose.  I think I have a cold or something, except I don’t have a fever — yet. I just feel pretty blah.  The thing is, right now, everything tastes metallic and smells of peppermint mouthwash. (How weird is that?) Which means that even food I eat regularly tastes weird. I mean, I have coffee every day, but today it tasted like dirt. Smell is integral to taste, dear reader, and I have a chronic sinus infection, so my coffee has be slowly getting tasteless as time goes by, but add on that peppermint mouthwash smell — it makes for really bad eating. Blech. Our bodies are strange.

Name five things you like watching… I’ve mentioned this guy before, but I’ll go ahead and list him again.  I don’t watch television much anymore, so I watch other people play video games. Most of the time, I watch this guy.  His online name is Gopher. It’s the only name he’ll give, and that’s okay by me. He plays quite a few games, and I’ve watched most of them — there are a few that aren’t my style. I know, I said I’d listen to him read the phone book, but that doesn’t mean I’ll watch him play games I don’t like. 😛 Anway, I like watching him play video games… okay that sounded weird… I like watching his channel.  This is his latest video.

I also like watching these guys, Viva La Dirt League, they’re a bunch of dudes from New Zealand. They post short videos of wide variety, and they’re hysterical. I don’t like all of the stuff they post, but I do like most of it.  This is their latest:

The other person I enjoy watching on YouTube is this guy – his name is Matt, and his channel is called Many A True Nerd. Again, he plays a variety of video games, and while I don’t enjoy all of them — actually I don’t enjoy many of the games he plays — I enjoy enough to keep me subscribed to his channel. Because he’s funny. Here’s his latest Skyrim video:

Not of the video variety, I also enjoy watching my animals playing together. They always look like they’ve genuinely having fun.

When I do watch television, I like to watch Antiques Roadshow. I’ve been watching it since its inception and it’s been interesting to see how it’s grown and changed. I enjoy the show, and I even watch reruns and the compilations.

So, there’s a difference between watching and seeingWatching something means that one is going to look at that something or observe it attentively most likely over a specific period of time (the length of a video for example).  To see something means to look at it and perceive that it’s there — visually. For example, I can look out of my window and see that it’s raining and then perhaps notice the rain fall for a while before going back to whatever it is one is doing.  I enjoy seeing the rain fall, but I don’t watch the rain. I very rarely stop what I’m doing and stare intently at the rain. Just as I don’t watch my husband working, I glance over at him and see that he’s there, working, before I go back to what I’m doing. If I were to watch him working, I bet that’d make him way uncomfortable. So yeah, while there is a list of things I enjoy seeing. There aren’t a lot that that I enjoy watching.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. Last night as I was trying to fall asleep, I heard the neighbor’s dog barking, and I kept hearing things go bump in the night outside.  Being of the paranoid nature, I slipped out of bed and wandered to Doug’s room. He, of course was under the headphones and didn’t hear a thing, but we meandered to the kitchen and peered out of the window.  Outside, in our back yard, were about three or four elk, just grazing away without a care in the world. My dogs didn’t even know they were there.  But once I got back to my bedroom and peeked out of the curtains, the smallest one — Poptart — got curious and I had to stifle him (two posts in one because I’m feeling not well today) because he started growling like he was all big and bad and thought he could chase away a 400 pound elk. I think they’re elk. I’m pretty sure they’re elk. Could be deer. What do I know? Then again, his shenanigans were making them nervous, so there’s that.

Anyway, I know this is a video heavy post, but we caught some of the miscreants on our security camera, which I then captured on my phone and edited in Photoshop. It’s my first try at editing video in Photoshop — my security camera for the back is sideways (as you can see by the sideways lettering), so I had to flip the video the right way. And it’s infrared, which is why the video is green. I had something playing in the background so I had to edit out the sound. And, well, it’s still grainy and out of focus, but I’m new to this editing thing, and one can only work miracles with film editing in the movies. Seriously, there’s only so much one can do with the source material. Anyway, it was kinda cool to see a bunch of them in the back yard last night. It makes me wonder how often they’re back there. Judging by how closely my grass is cropped, I’d bet my yard is one of their favorite stomping grounds. ^_^


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14 thoughts on “Sharing my *cough* World 1/29/18

    • I hear ya. We have all kinds of critters in the yard — rabbits, voles, mice, and the occasional deer/elk. Our neighbor has free range fowl, so we get them once in a while too — especially the turkeys. But with prey come predators, so we also get coyote and bear. Coyote we’ve seen and heard with my own eyes and ears. As for bear, I’ve seen their scat on the property, but we haven’t caught them on camera or seen them for ourselves. We also have owls, hawks, and eagles. I worry, sometimes that one of those will carry away our smallest dog.


      • Yeah, it can be hard with predator birds. Our cats are strictly indoors, especially since local cats have been eaten. We had one big robust stout bear right outside my office window here at home this summer, about fpour feet from me, bent over and walking, and it came up to about my hip or waist–so muscled. We hear an owl sometimes, and there is at least one falcon. Sometimes the coyotes come down the clearing for powerlines. I hope my squirrels and birds and chippies are smart enough to hide. I think they are. Some days no one comes to the chow area, and I tend to think that’s when other predators are around that they know about and we don’t.

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    • Thanks! We live on two acres of land in a semi-rural area. I bet we have them as regular visitors without even realizing it. I often see their scat on the property. ^_^ It was nice to finally catch them in the act though.

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    • The ones we didn’t catch on camera were bigger, and had some rather spectacular racks on them, which is probably what I heard going bump in the night… the horns banging against the fence and other things…


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