Photoshop addendum

So, I was thinking that I had a dearth of photos to practice my mad learning skillz on when it hit me that I totally have hundreds (literally… hundreds) of screenshots from my video games sitting on my computer. So, I thought I’d take one of those and see if I could produce a sketch-like picture with it. Here are the results (then I’ll stop torturing y’all with my Photoshop stuff for today)

So this is the original.  Poor lady only made it to level 5 before I started a new character. I don’t even remember her name. Probably “Tess Ting”  or “Play N Jayne” or something like that. ^_^


Here’s the photo cropped and sharpened. I tried to get rid of the white on her face, but it’s from two sources — She’s wearing white warpaint, and the lantern on her waist. It’s a magical lantern. It gives off light but not heat, and only comes when my character needs it. ^_^ I can have it in the form of a lantern or a light above their head. I like the lantern.

tess ting sharp

Final picture… This one looks way more sketch-like than the one I tried with the daughter-person (and yes, I call her that in real life.  That or demon-child/spawn. But I think she’s outgrown demon-child, so daughter-person she is and will be… /digression). Anyway, there was a lot of black/grey in the original picture this time, so when I added the color back it was way more subtle.  The only thing I’m not happy with are Tess Ting’s eyes. She looks demonic. Hahahaha!  But, I am truly done for the day. Probably. I’m at least switching places. I’ve been sitting at this desk for long enough and I need to get back on the couch.

tess ting drawn

Oh, and I did try something else with this one. I wanted to emphasis the cape a little more, so I made a new layer made it blend a little darker than everything else. It’s subtle but if you saw the before and after, you’d totally see the difference.

Okay, okay. I’m done. Done! I’ll stop bothering y’all with these. ^_^ For today. Hey, it gives me something to do and talk about… you know?

P.S. …I did a lot of editing to this post… It’s like my mind couldn’t see the mistakes. I must have been brain dead from all the photo editing. ^_^

Edited to add: One last one… I fixed the sword that was going through her arm, and that weird light flash on the doorframe… I also brought the cape from under her armor in the front, and brought out more colors, and put a bit of a blur to the background. Okay… I’m done.

tessting drawn again

What say you?

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