Playing with Photoshop

Today I decided to play around with Photoshop and found these tutorials online. They’re in my favorite format — written — and my favorite price — free. So yeah, I jumped right in. 🙂  I did a few basic things and then decided to try and create a “sketch” from a photograph.  Since I didn’t like the picture they provided, I lifted one from the daughter-person’s Facespace account, which I will show y’all here with her permission.

diana purple hair

daughter person

I like this picture because of the colors and because it’s of my daughter. She’s totally wearing a wig, y’all.  Anyway, I followed these instructions and came up with this “masterpiece” ahahahaha:

diana sketch

First attempt

Then I realized that the source picture is kinda blurry which is probably why the sketch didn’t turn out very well. And I cut out way too much of the background, so I kept looking on the tutorial site and found out how to sharpen blurry pictures up via this tutorial and decided to try both on the same picture. The first attempt was disastrous, so I deleted it (after an hour of trying to make it work) but the second attempt is this… which turned out pretty well, I think. At least in this one, she has a defined jaw. ^_^  I dunno if I got the “sketch” part down, but whatever.  It was fun.

Diana purple hair sketch

Final try for the day

I like playing in Photoshop so I’ll probably keep trying new things.  I dunno if the daugther-person will want me to keep showing her picture all over the place, but she did say I could post it here. She’s my youngest, by the way. She’ll be 29 this year… We’re all getting old. ^_^  Anyway, that’s me, showing off. I haven’t done much knitting or crocheting lately, and the daily prompts have been… meh. So I have this.



6 thoughts on “Playing with Photoshop

  1. Peg Stueber-Temp and Tea

    I miss photoshop. I used to have it on my computer, but it’s one of the programs that vanished when I had my crash last year.

    One of these days, I’ll get the program again…

    My favorite ‘shop project from back in the day had to be when I made my own planet.


    1. Willow Post author

      I didn’t buy it outright I have their “creation cloud” account I think it’s called. Meaning I’m renting it. So if it disappears I can just download it again. I have the same for Microsoft Office. I rent it for, like $99 a year or something. That way when they upgrade — or if I get a new computer — I get the upgrades, or can download the program onto a new computer, without having to buy the new software. I think they started doing that about four or five years ago.

      I’m mostly using it to modify my video games. Eventually I’ll learn how to modify 3D stuff, then I’ll be cooking with gas. 🙂

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