Difference between would and could

So, this thing has been making the rounds on my Facespace:

food stuffs

…and it’s one of those things that people like to answer because food is a universal thing we all share. And we all have our likes and dislikes when it comes to food. I posted this image on my Facespace page and it got quite a bit of attention. More than most of the things I post. Like I said, it’s something people like to talk about. But the majority of the answers on that page were along the lines of:  “My score is X, but mostly because I have an — allergy or intolerance to Y foods”. snoopy-question Which, in my opinion isn’t the point of the implied question (The “test” doesn’t actually ask a question, but we can pull one from the title of the test…). The indirect question doesn’t ask What foods can you eat?. It asks, What foods would you eat?.  In other words, What makes you (the answerer of the “test”) a picky eater? or Are you a picky eater by how many foods you chose to eat? The implication being you — the person answering — would eat the foods listed if you could eat them and therefore are or are not picky about your food intake (by choice).

My “score” by the way is three.  I won’t eat tofu, avocados, or snails if I have a choice in the matter. But having said that, I have eaten all three of those in the past, and probably will if they are presented to me by someone who’s made a dinner for me and did not know of my dislike for those certain foods. I won’t like it, but it’s called being polite. And there are some dishes where those foods actually taste good, so there’s that.


Patty melt from here

Now, add in my food intolerances and the “score” jumps to twenty eight (sorry, thirty one, forgot the original three).  Again, I can eat much of the listed food — in small quantities — but I shouldn’t eat them because my body doesn’t tolerate them. But when I answered the question, my score was three, and it remains three. Because my likes and dislikes are not defined by my body’s tolerances. I love onions. I would eat onions every day if I could. I’m not a picky eater because I have to take the onions out of everything that’s served to me. I only do that to avoid pain and heartache later in the day. I would eat the hell out of onions and garlic if I could. One of my fav sandwiches is a Patty Melt — ground beef, rye bread, American cheese, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, put together then grilled in butter.  Ahhh, I’d eat a Patty Melt in a minute if I could. But damn would I pay for it later (rye seeds, American Cheese, onions, too much fat… all kinds of nope). I guess it just irks me that people see this test and won’t take responsibility for their own likes and dislikes. I mean, it is so difficult to say, “I don’t like tofu, so yeah I won’t eat it if I have any choice in the matter.” Of course, there were some commenters who did say that, but the majority were, “I’m only picky because my body makes me be picky.”  Which doesn’t make one a picky eater. It kinda makes them a whiner. IMHO.

Or maybe I’m just being grumpy. ^_^

5 thoughts on “Difference between would and could

  1. Yeah, if I were on a desert island and the only thing there was something I could eat that would not kill me, I would give different answers than those based on the ‘would’ of preference.

    By preference I don’t eat any of the animals, and could in theory eat the rest of it in some quantity, but some have effects that are negative although not directly life-threatening. The main item that regularly induces life-threatening choking is plain water, especially if it is a bit cold. If I had to live on catfud or something that did not directly harm my body, I would, and I figure I’d learn to deal with it. *shrug* If I only had stuff available that made me ill, then I would deal with it, but not be superhappy probably.

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      • I find that as time goes by, things like peppers make me ill and they didn’t used to. I also find that organic is better for me, and gmo wheat and all that crap make me bloated and gross, whereas organic wheat doesn’t.


  2. I got “5” on that quiz when I took it on the Face Place. All things I dislike intensely, although one of them is something I’ve never tried and I suppose I’d try it once. Provided a master chef prepared it. Snails. Who eats THAT? Ugh. But I’ve never had any, so what do I know? The other four I loathe. I’ve had them and I don’t ever want to eat them ever again. They’re all plants too. So maybe I’m just a big ol’ carnivore at heart.


    • You’re not missing anything with snails. I’ve tried them and they weren’t great. Like… bleh. I had them at a restaurant, because why not? And they were totally forgettable.


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