Scam alert

This video is aimed at the elderly, but the scammers will call anyone. Don’t be fooled. The IRS doesn’t call anyone. They will always send a letter, and they never demand immediate payment over the phone. Like, ever.

3 thoughts on “Scam alert

  1. Embeecee

    I know an elderly friend (she’s 87 this year) up here who got bit by that crap. She was a very saavy businesswoman in her day too, and is still sharp as a knife. But a lot of these old people are scared of the government (and with good cause). She said she felt intimidated by the woman who called her demanding payment and was afraid the situation would mess with her social security, on which she lives. She gave them the info, but thought better of it the instance she hung up and called her daughter, who came over and cancelled the card she had used, and then reported the scammer to the police. The thing is they used a local policeman’s NAME for the scam, and a supposed phone number to the courthouse here to bolster their legitimacy. The Senior Center routinely tells all the folks there to question anyone calling them asking for any kind of money, and not to give ANY personal info over the phone. To just plain hang up if someone they don’t know calls them. But so many are still bound up with long abandoned rules of phone etiquette and fear of reprisal, that a lot still succumb. Thanks for sharing this, I might snag it and share it on FB where a lot of these old ladies go..


  2. Donnalee

    I never pick up the phone if it isn’t someone I know. I don’t need to reinforce spammers, and if it’s someone looking for our household, there’s an answering machine.


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