Playing around in Photoshop

So, I’m totally gonna just keep torturing y’all with my experiments in photoshop. I know that I’m no expert by a long shot, but I figured if I’m gonna learn something I have to have somewhere to show off and ask people’s opinion. And I want y’all to give to me straight, I’ll never learn if someone doesn’t tell me I’m doing something wrong. After all, if I’m sitting here by my onesie saying “Yeah, that looks good.” And it totally doesn’t, well…

Then again, these things are subjective too. I mean I can show y’all something and you’ll be like, “I think you went way too dark on that picture.” and I’d be all, “That’s like, just your opinion, man.” ^_^  But I kinda suck when it comes to contrast I think. I’m never sure if it’s sharp enough or not. That’s where my weakness lies I think.

So anyway, this is what I did today… before:

troll encounter.jpg

and after:

troll encountered

So, first thing I did was take the compass off the top of the picture. Next I recolored the cape, and added a leather texture to it, and stopped the arrow quiver from clipping through it. Then I upped the contrast (maybe too much?), and deleted the snow that just looked weird.  It’s hard to tell where the light is supposed to be coming from, so I just used the curves tool to darken it a little bit and I think it came out okay.

Skyrim screenshots are interesting learning tools. At least I can say they’re mine and no one else’s (except Bethesda’s).  That’s a frost troll by the way… another creature that’s popular in Skyrim.  I can’t remember how I got that close to one, but it made for a good screenshot.

7 thoughts on “Playing around in Photoshop

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Your eyes will get more discriminating with time. When i first started playing around with Photoshop, I was a lot less subtle than i am now. It’s really an amazing piece of software. There is SO much you can do with it. i know maybe 5% of what it can do …

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  2. shutterbug

    Learning is always…fun isn’t it? I don’t know anything about PS. I like what you did with the armour and the background- it looks really good! But I think the frost troll is a bit over done. He seems to have more detail in his face in the first picture. Just my opinion since you asked. 😊

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  3. Embeecee

    Find the tutorial on ‘masking’ in PS and you’ll learn how to isolate the bits you don’t want to tweak, and be able to tweak the bits you do. I’ve done it a time or two, and still am not proficient, so I think masking takes a bit of practice, but that’s the point. Practicing until we get it right, right? I think your work looks great and I hope you continue to share your pieces from Skyrim, but that’s up to you. Cheers!

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    1. Willow Post author

      That’s what I did for the cloak, created a layer mask and added a leather texture. I tried that today for contrasting, and it worked! Just posted the results. ^_^


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