More Photoshop shtuff

I realized that the picture I did yesterday had way too much contrast — especially on the frost troll, so I figured I’d play around with it some more. After a couple of hours this is what I’ve come up with:

troll encountered2

I also got rid of a lot of the “shine” on the bandolier the character is wearing because it’s supposed to be leather and leather doesn’t quite shine like that. And I attempted to fix where one of the pouches was clipping into her breast. I toned down the shine on her mail too. I mean, I know mail is shiny, but come on… 🙂 The frost troll still has a bit of contrast, but not as much as yesterday, and he’s not as shiny (I believe this one is male). I tried to bring out the fact that he does, indeed have an eye (three actually, but you can only see one), which wasn’t so clear in the original picture, but it’s kind of lost in all of the ridges.

The picture from yesterday in all its shiny glory. ^_^

troll encountered

and, the original:

troll encounter

I think I’m happy with this picture now. Onwards to the next one! Skyrim really is a beautiful game, and I love taking screenshots from it. But certain things (like the snow in the first shot) just don’t render well in screenshots. And there’s always the problem with things clipping (like the arrow quiver and the bandolier pouches). Photoshop is a wonderful program and I’m having fun learning what it can do. Give me the both of them and it fills up a lot of the time I find myself with. ^_^

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