It’s the old song and dance y’all have heard and seen so many times before. I’m exhausted. Like breathing is about all I’m good for these days. I’ve been fighting a migraine these past few days and an all over malaise that’s just short of a full blown fibro flare — it’s like nothing really hurts in a way I can call real pain.  I mean, it’s not like when my arthritis flares, or anything like that. It’s like everything kinda hurts, but not too bad, but it feels like it wants to. If that makes any sense. It’s more of an ache all over all of the time. Well, except the pounding in my brainpan, that fucking hurts. And the pain in my chest. That hurts too. Remember, dear reader, Costocondritis is a symptom of fibromyalgia and it sucks! >_< Anyway, this is why I haven’t been posting or commenting all that much lately. My concentration is pretty shot. I haven’t been crocheting or doing anything complicated in Photoshop either. Mostly I’ve been watching videos on Youtube. And even that makes my head hurt, but I’ve gotta do something. I’m not sick enough to sleep all day. Blah.

Anyway, I’ll be over here fighting the good fight against my stupid body, and when I win this battle, I’ll be back. ^_^  If I don’t win the battle, send chocolate. Lots of chocolate. I’m gonna need it. ^_^


10 thoughts on “Tired…

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  2. Carolanne

    I think WP’s reader algorithm is jacked up. I haven’t seen any of your posts recently. I had to go and dig for you.

    Hope you get to feeling better. It’s just been an all around crappy week over here too. Eat some chocolate, scratch Mister and the doggos, and have a good weekend!


  3. Embeecee

    My sympathies! There must be something in the air….today I’ve had a pounding headache all day (and it’s 4 pm) and everything hurts. I get it, and I’m sending a 5 lbs box of *insert your favorite chocolates* … Me? Godiva works for me… 😉 Take care and we’ll be around when you’re back to center…


  4. Donnalee

    I’m sorry it sucks. Do you notice if today’s dark of moon and eclipse etc. may influence it, like it can mess with sleep for me and some others, or not…?


    1. Willow Post author

      Moon phases and events don’t bother my physical issues. I tracked them once for a year and there was no correlation. Now, weather changes, then you’re talking. It went from spring like weather here to winter (where it should be). That could be a contributing factor.

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      1. Donnalee

        I can understand that. The cold really bothers my body, freezing it where I stand in front of the computer so that I shuffle off stiffly at about this time of day to go sit on the bed and read, while the facts of real seasons after a few horrifying years without them makes my sanity feel very encouraged.


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