hahaha! How’s that for clickbait?  Today is one of those days where the sun lies about it being a beautiful day outside. The sky is blue, the grass is green, the air is crisp and freaking cold as a corpse’s left testicle. It snowed here last night, enough to dust the ground and cover the cars, but not much more. The sun is shining enough to melt anything not in the shade, but anywhere there’s shade, you can see the snow. If your eyes don’t look to the shade, you might be fooled into thinking it’s a nice, spring day outside.

It’s all lies!

I’d go and take a picture for y’all, but my body lied to me when it said that I was okay to get up and move around today. Totally lied. Okay, let me hobble over to the window and see if I can get any good shots with my phone. 🙂

front yard 1

So that’s a picture from my phone… the red lines are from the window, some weird glare thingie I guess, but you can see the bit of snow still in the shade. I’m guessing it’ll be gone by this afternoon unless it snows some more later. The weather forecast calls for snow this weekend, but not necessarily tonight. Winter came late to our neck of the woods because it’s been spring-like most of December and January except that one week around Christmas. The rest of the nation has been cold, but not us… sunny and warm. Now it decides to get all snowy over here.

I’m not complaining. I like the snow and the cold weather.  I think it’s funny when the sun is all shining though and it’s colder than a polar bear’s hangnail outside (it’s a bit nippley inside too). Here’s a picture I took of our security camera, showing the sun all shiny and bright saying, “Come out! You know you want to! It’s a beautiful day outside.”

security snapshot

And people wonder why I dislike the sun. It lies. Lies like a rug.

not today

Hehehe.  Today is a short blog post because I’m kind of exhausted. blah. I went to a knitting group meet up kind of thing yesterday and then did a *tiny* bit of shopping afterwards that just drained me. Still recovering even though it was yesterday morning-ish. But hey, I got out of the house. So… progress?

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