Daily Prompt: Imagination

So, I’m a day late and a dollar short for this prompt, but what the hell, I was gonna answer it yesterday but I got distracted.  ^_^  I started playing a new (to me) video game called Prey (2017). I’m not sure if the (2017) is part of the title or not but that’s how most people entitle the game — because there was a previous game with the same name I suppose. I’ve never played the previous game.  Anyway, I started this game and it’s been taking up some of my time.  Don’t worry, this game kinda ties into my answer for this prompt.

A review I agree with:


So anyway, I played this game yesterday instead of writing a blog post. ^_^

Y’all might remember in my last post I mentioned that I have a hypothesis about reincarnation and that ties directly into dreams and imagination. I’ve mentioned before that I believe in the possibility of everything.  I don’t discount the existence of, say ghosts, unicorns, or psychic powers because I cannot prove that they don’t exist, and neither can anyone else (it’s impossible to prove a negative).  Plus, I believe that we think these things exist because we remember them from previous lifetimes, not here on Earth, where they haven’t been seen or proven to exist (see? Agnostic to the end), but on other worlds. I mean, why not other worlds?

To go back to Prey (2017), it takes place on a space station that orbits the Earth’s moon (I think). Alien beings overtake the station and it’s your job as the protagonist to… uh, well, there are several ways to play the game that affect how the game ends.  But you’re fighting the aliens. Some people dismiss the possibility of aliens because we here on Earth have never seen aliens nor have any aliens ever contacted us (that we know of).  But come on… the nearest star to us — Alpha Centauri is 4.2 light years away.  We haven’t figured out how to travel light speed yet, but even if we do, that’s a four year trip to that star. And we’re not even sure if there are livable planets there, and that’s only one of the billions upon billions of stars out there.  Whenever one looks up into the sky, any one of those bits of light could be a solar system, a galaxy, or even many galaxies clustered together into one tiny bit of light that we see in our sky at night. It blew my mind away when I learned that some of that light belongs to stars that don’t exist anymore because of how long it takes the light to reach our eyes. Billions of years, dear reader, billions of years.

To think that we’re the only planet that supports life in all of that is… unbelievable to me.  But here’s my point.  Just because we don’t have interstellar or even interplanetary travel here in our solar system doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened in a galaxy out there. And the reason why we believe it’s possible is because some of us remember doing it. I mean, that kind of makes sense to me.

tolkien quoteSo, I kinda have this idea that it’s these “memories” from previous lives on other planets that feed our imaginations. It’s why some people believe in unicorns, dragons, and magic, and others believe in space, time travel, and aliens.  While some (like me) believe in the possibility of both the science fiction-y stuff and the fantasy stuff. And then there are those who believe in nothing but what they see and hear with their own eyes and ears. It depends on what our souls have experienced before we started our life here on Earth.  Like how some people here on this little blue planet move around a lot in their lifetime, while others are content to stay where they are. Maybe certain souls are content to settle on one planet/galaxy while others seek to as far and as often as they can. Or maybe some souls are stuck on a planet because they have unfinished business — doomed to reincarnate or be ghosts until their task is complete. Or, like raindrops, do our souls meld into a huge soul pool when we die, and then when we’re born again form into different souls that create new life?  I’ve thought about that before.  I mean, that would explain why there are so many reincarnated Napoleons. ^_^  Of course, I have no idea what happens to us after we die, only guesses. And my idea that we’re interstellar soul travellers is just that, an idea.

Blah, I’ve lost track of my train of thought, I’m still kind of exhausted, which is why I’ve been playing video games, but hopefully y’all will get the idea.

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Sorry for the heavy editing… I was kind of brain dead when I wrote this… I made a lot of mistakes. >_<


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