Facespace frustrations

So a couple of days ago, or was it just yesterday? I dunno, I logged into my facespace and all of my posts did this weird little dance where they’d flash onto my news feed and then disappear. Like, this would go on for two or three minutes and then there would be only a few posts from one of the pages I follow along with a couple of “people you might know” posts and this at the end:

more posts

The “Scour for Mateys” thing means “Search for Friends”  My facespace is in Pirate. Has been since 2008 when I got a facespace. It makes me smile. Don’t judge! Anyway, I’ve been trying to figure out why this is happening all of a sudden and set about trying to fix it.

ad block imageThis morning I uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome, my internet browser because they haven’t played nicely in the past and I figured it couldn’t hurt. In *that* process, I had to reinstall a few things and while reinstalling my ad blocker I was reading some of the reviews (because it’s also a thing I do, read reviews to products I already have or may never buy — stop judging me!) and one of the reviews in the ad blocker said that they had experienced something very similar to what I did with that ad blocker installed.

Lo and behold, when I turned the ad blocker off. Facebook started to behave normally.

So why am I posting about this? Just in case anyone else is getting Facespace weirdness and hasn’t figured out what’s going on. Pause your ad blocker and see if that helps. It worked for me I don’t think it matters which ad blocker it is. I’m no expert by any means.  Just thought I’d share.

Oh yeah, that reminds me.  Facebook rolled out a new thing the other day, which is automatically on, a facial recognition something or other, in which it will scan all photos in your account and any photos you’re tagged in for your face (the face you’ve marked as ‘you’ in your profile).  It’s got some reasoning behind this, so it’s up to you to opt out of it. Here’s a screenshot that may or may not help to show you where to opt out (if you wanna) because again, my facespace is in Pirate:

face recognition

Again, just thought I’d share.

And now, to curl up in a dark room, because… migraine. Blah.

11 thoughts on “Facespace frustrations

  1. Carolanne

    Facespace just wants that delicious ad money so they’re going to dick with your stuff to make you turn off adblock.


    I think uBlock Origin subverts that. Maybe.


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    I just did the same thing, though because my screen kept flashing neon pink instead of white. It helped. Then i went through everything in chrome and dumped anything that I don’t remember installing or which i don’t actually use. That helped even more. THEN I did the same think on my Kindle and my phone. They keep updating my phone with a million apps I will NEVER use. All I want is that it be able to make phone calls and occasionally, an email. And have a calendar. That’s it. I don’t want the rest of that crap and I really wish they would stop stuffing my phone full of it.

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  3. Edmark M. Law

    Every time I encounter a site that blocks its content unless I turn off Adblock, it’d run a script to disable or counter their anti-adblock script. That’s my way of giving them a finger. I may whitelist a site if it asks politely and if its ads aren’t intrusive.

    Blocking their content or making people experience difficulties in sites if they don’t pause Adblock is a stupid strategy. It’s so counterintuitive. Forbes’ bounce rate increased dramatically after they pulled the same stunt.


    1. Willow Post author

      Usually, I just leave the site because I can’t be assed enough to bother with them. But this is Facebook, and it’s the only way I can keep in touch with long-distance friends so I’m willing to white list them. But only Facebook. Any other site can bite me.


      1. Edmark M. Law

        As a researcher, I sometimes don’t have a choice but to use certain sites which have that “feature”. But still, I will never whitelist them as I find their practice irritating and disingeneous.

        However, if I encounter such sites during my regular web surfing, then I’ll never go to them again.

        Anyway, I already have several scripts running that counter anti-adblockers. So, for them to not work, it would mean that a site is trying too hard. If the site isn’t essential enough, then I won’t bother to make a specialized script just for it…


        1. Willow Post author

          I’m sure if I were still doing research, I’ve have my workarounds too, Though I don’t know much about scripts and coding — I’d have to rely on third party programs like adblock and pop up blocker. However, since I’m disabled and just surfing nowadays,.. I can turn my back on most sites.



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