Ah memories

cap<<– That would have been my high school graduating motto, unofficial of course, had I graduated the year I was supposed to.  The one for 1984, in case you’re interested, was IIRC: Sex is great!/We want more!/We’re the class of ’84! Could have been “Beer is great…” but I don’t rememberSo why am I rambling on about my old class cheers? Because Embeecee over at sparksfromacombustablemind wrote a blog post about her average Friday night in 1984 (Her inspiration was via this blog post) and she invited me to share my memories. And since the daily prompts aren’t giving me any ideas, well I figured I would take her up on her invitation. As implied above, I would have been in high school in 1984. I should have graduated in 1985, but I got married in the summer of 1984, just before my 18th birthday (which is at the end of August). I failed 6th grade, not for grades but other reasons… it’s a long story. Which is why I would have been graduating late. Had I graduated. Anyway. I didn’t graduate high school. I got married. I was also pregnant at the time. Y’all know the drill. Being pregnant and married, I didn’t feel the need to go back to school. August though, is towards the end of the year, so I had eight months of 1984 to get through… a whole host of Friday nights to go on dates and mess around before landing in the predicament I landed myself in just before my 18th birthday.


I have this on a jacket

You see, dear reader, I was considered a late bloomer by my friends’ standards. I didn’t discover sex until I hit 17, almost 18.  I mean, come on! I was practically an old maid! I mean I obviously knew about sex because my friends had been blabbering about it for years, but I wasn’t really interested in it — too much hassle that didn’t justify the reward in my uninformed opinion.  I was a bookworm, a nerdy nerd.  I read a lot and not just fiction. So I left sex alone until I reached 17, which was in 1984.  Then we (my twin and I) were allowed to start dating. Like really dating — go out with people who were not just our friends, but strangers my mom didn’t know and actually do things. We lived on a Naval base full of horny sailors with money to spend. It was a smorgasbord for budding young teenagers like us. We went on quite a few dates. We started out with double dates and then moved on to single dating. But I’m gonna be honest with you, dear reader… most Friday nights were pretty blah.  I mean a typical date involved going to the movie theatre on the base or the one out in town, then out for pizza or McDonalds.  I’ve come to realize that ours was not a big city in the grand scheme of things. It’s not tiny by any means. Today, there are about 120,000 people there, but back in the 1980’s, there were fewer.  We only had the one theatre that I could remember, and not many choices in the way of going out to eat. Not a lot to do there. The base is closed now, but they have an amusement park — which was totally not there until after I moved away. But back in 1984, our choices were limited. And even amusement parks can get boring if you’ve been there often enough.

cop a feelAnyway, Friday nights were: go out, maybe to the movies, maybe to dinner, make out in the car (maybe), then head back home before curfew.  Eventually, we, the twin and I and whomever we were dating, started renting movies and watching them in the family room. Much cheaper, and necking on the couch was way more comfortable than necking in the car. Ha!  To tell y’all the truth, I hate going to the movies as a date. I don’t like watching movies with someone I barely know and I think the seats in the theater are way uncomfortable. And it’s so loud… there are always too many people, and there’s often the potential for, let’s face it, rude and obnoxious someones who are just going to ruin it.  I’ve always felt that way. But, that’s what was done in the 80’s so that’s what we did. I met my first husband in all that dating.  It’s kind of a funny story.  I met him in the common room of the barracks (where female visitors were allowed) while I was visiting someone else, but that someone else was playing D&D and couldn’t be assed to talk to me (even though he was the one who invited me to come see him), so I started talking to Bob. We hit it off and went out to dinner that night. Then we started dating exclusively, and by the middle of August, we were married. Another, slightly funny, anecdote: My twin was also dating someone named Bob (it’s a common name) when I started dating my Bob. We double dated for about a month before she dumped her Bob for reasons unknown. It was fun for awhile… two Bobs. But all good things must end I suppose. Nine years and four kids later, my Bob and I called it quits. But that’s another story.

Whenever I think of the two Bobs… I think of this:


ETA… I may have implied that I was messing around with all the “horny sailors” I was dating, but yeah, that’s not the way of it. Bob was my first, and I totally got pregnant the first time we had sex because I, for some reason, believed that I couldn’t get pregnant the first time one had sex. I dunno why I thought that, but I did. Seventeen-year-olds aren’t the sharpest crayons in the box, you know?

13 thoughts on “Ah memories

  1. Donnalee

    I think there has been some mythology about not being able to get pregnant the first time, although it makes no sense. Maybe the thinking is that it is like some tools or machines where the first time only clears the pipes and then later you get the substances or whatever…? Science!

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  2. Embeecee

    Actually, it’s true that you can’t get pregnant the first time you have sex….UNLESS you happen to be ovulating and there’s a particularly feisty sperm involved…so you are the example that proves the adage wrong.

    And late bloomer?? Hah! I was 19 before the great mystery was revealed to me…Had three dates before that…two with a guy my mother fixed me up with when I was about 16 (yeah,they were as bad as implied); and one with the star quarterback in my Senior Year. That last one was (unbeknownest to me) something called a “pity date”. His girlfriend, the head cheerleader, took some male loser on a date too. Only they weren’t the nasty and mean sorts you see portrayed in movies…both were lovely young people with good manners, who were kind and thoughtful and wanted a couple of losers (my name, not theirs) to have at least one good memory of senior year.

    Fast-forward to our twentieth reunion and find out that Chuck and Sally (not their names) had married out of high school, had kids, and Chuck (for whatever reasons…probably waking up one day and realizing his life had slid away and he wasn’t the star quarterback no more) began to beat on Sally and she divorced him. He was in prison at the time of the reunion and I was warned, in hushed whispers not to mention him around or to Sally. I didn’t even talk to Sally…but it goes to show you never can tell..

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    1. Willow Post author

      I was just thinking about high school heroes the other day. The kind who never get over their past accolades. It’s like, dude… move on. Poor Sally, the American Dream didn’t work out for her.

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  3. Brian Lageose

    I can no longer remember our “unofficial” class motto, but I’m sure it involved beer and cows in some way. It most likely did not involve proper spelling. 😉 (Thanks for the mention, by the way.)

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    1. Willow Post author

      This did not show up in my notifications, so I totally didn’t see it until now. I’m so sorry I didn’t reply. Thanks for stopping by, and you’re welcome for the mention. Credit where it’s due and all that. 🙂

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      1. Brian Lageose

        Oh, don’t be sorry at all. Truth be told, I’m one of the worst people out there when it comes to responding to comments in a timely manner. I get so easily distracted that days can go by before I even realize that someone has done something on my blog that requires recognition on my part… 😉


  4. purpleslob

    You have a twin?? How have I missed this??
    Ours was “79, we’re so fine, hey Mickey!”
    Yeah, so cool. (eye roll)
    I was a literal late bloomer. No boobs or monthlies till I was 15 1/2. I was all, “Mama, take me to the Dr! I must be a boy!”
    Mama: “Nope, trust me. You are definitely a girl. I was there when you were born. I know! Don’t be so anxious to grow up!! You’ll be plenty sick of it soon enough.”
    Wiser words were never spoken!!


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